Best Pet Insurance For Rabbits – (A Complete Guide)

If you’re a pet parent who owns a rabbit it’s very important you get pet insurance for rabbits.

Because it’s not only dogs and cats that should enjoy the best types of insurance, other smaller animals like rabbits should also enjoy such. 

So, in this article, you will learn about the companies that offer pet insurance for rabbits as well as their coverage plans and policies.

Not only that, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about pet insurance for rabbits.

Without much ado let’s get into details.

An infographic showing the need of pet insurance for rabbits.

Does Pet Insurance For Rabbits Even Exist?

Absolutely! Yes, it does. Apart from the fact that it’s a rabbit, it’s similar to the insurance you get for your cat or dog.

Rabbit insurance is an insurance policy that rabbit owners buy in order to pay for vet bills whenever the bunny requires medical care 

Because the care of rabbits is quite different from that of cats and dogs and it might require you to take your bunny to a specialized vet.

At the end of the day, taking your rabbits to an exotic animal veterinarian might result in a higher vet bill.

Now you know that pet insurance for rabbits exists, let’s find out how it works.

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How Does Pet Insurance For Rabbits Work?

Pet insurance for rabbits works the same way as any pet insurance work. It is designed to provide assistance in paying vet bills for the bunny.

Pet insurance for rabbits requires you to pay a monthly fee for your bunny’s insurance in order to provide assistance in paying for vet medical bills.

There will be a “warm-up” period where you will be paying for your rabbit’s pet insurance but will not be able to submit a claim.

The pet insurance for your bunny will charge an excess. Before they will pay toward a claim, you must pay this agreed-upon amount of money. 

For instance, if your excess is $200 and the total cost to treat one condition in your pet is $500, you would pay $200 and your insurance company would cover the remaining $300.

Continue reading to find out the companies that offer pet insurance for rabbits.

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What Companies Offer Pet Insurance For Rabbits?

Currently, Nationwide is the only pet insurance company that is offering policies for dogs and cats as well as birds and other exotic pets such as reptiles, potbellied pigs, goats, and small mammals, like ferrets, rabbits, rats, and guinea pigs.

Their rabbit insurance premium varies depending on the rabbit’s breed, age, gender, and location.

The plan that covers this is known as Avian and Exotic pet insurance and they offer different limits and deductible options.

Let’s find out how a plan with an unlimited amount, a $250 deductible, and 90% reimbursement might work for rabbit owners.

You take your rabbit to see a vet and your bill for the covered service is totaled up to $600.

First, you must pay $250, which leaves you with a balance of $350, which becomes the amount the insurance company pays $315 (90% X $350).

Then you again as the owner pay $35 (remaining 10%) PLUS the $250 for a total of $285.

While this amount might look huge to you, when you consider what the bill was original, it’s a huge help.

Don’t forget that vet bills for exotic animals, which is the category of your rabbit, can be higher than $600 if your bunny develops an illness.

In order for you to get the exact amount of coverage and fees for your rabbit, you’ll have to contact Nationwide directly.


  • Provides insurance for birds and exotic animals 
  • 5% discount for current Nationwide customers and multi-pet plans
  • Has a separate policy for pet wellness coverage
  • Some pre-existing conditions may not be permanently excluded
  • Pays for vet exam fees


  • Has a maximum enrollment age of 10 years

Visit the Nationwide website to get an instant quote as well as other information.

Read on to learn about what is covered under pet insurance for rabbits.

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What Is Covered Under Pet Insurance For Rabbit Policies?

There are different types of policies and they are tailored to match your needs.

While some insurance companies offer varieties of options, in this case nationwide is the only insurance company accepting rabbits at this time.

So, you either take what they offer or you look out for other means you can save money.

Here are some of the things they cover:

1. Accidents Policy

Accident coverage is one of the best for you to have for your pet rabbit because anything can happen at any time.

So, whenever your bunny is involved in an accident and gets injured you don’t need to be afraid because the policy will take care of it.

2. Illness Policy 

Illness occurs and sometimes you can anticipate it while sometimes and can’t. 

When it comes to getting sick, rabbits can sometimes be very tricky. Because you don’t notice anything until the illness advances.

So, when such a thing happens unaware like that, your immediate veterinary care is essential.

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3. Emergencies Policy 

Emergency coverage is usually the smartest plan of any pet care plan because anything can happen suddenly.

For instance, your pet rabbit might swallow an object it is not supposed to and you see yourself running to an exotic vet.

With this coverage in place, you have the assurance that your pet will get the urgent medical help it needs.

4. Dental Policy 

You might be wondering what dental has to do with my rabbit right?

Here is the thing if rabbits don’t chew appropriately, their teeth can get overgrown, causing big-time issues.

Rabbits have the type of teeth that are called incisors.

This type of tooth just grows continually and it’s a trait that is mostly found in rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels.

5. Funerals Policy 

This may cover the cost of euthanizing, cremating, or burying your furry friend when they pass on.

Now you know about the policies, let’s learn about the coverage plans.

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What Coverage Are Available For Rabbit Insurance?

There are many coverage plans to pick from but most times insurance providers will present you one of these two:

1. Lifetime Cover: 

This policy lasts as its name suggests that’s, it runs throughout the life of the rabbit.

However, this type of policy can be expensive but it enables policyholders to claim up to the limit for vet fees each year.

In addition, this type of policy is suitable for a pet or rabbit which is suffering from a recurring illness.

2. Annual Cover:

This type of coverage becomes more effective if your only concern is to meet the cost of treating your pet for illness or injury.

It has similar limits to that of a lifetime coverage and runs for over a period of 12 months however, you won’t get a payout for an illness after the policy expires.

Because the illness or condition will be declared a pre-existing condition on renewal of your policy.

It’s important to note that this is also applicable even if you stick with the same issuer.

You might be wondering if you really need pet insurance for your pet friend, continue reading to find out.

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Why Do I Need Pet Insurance For Rabbits?

You might be wondering why you need pet insurance for your rabbit.

Here is the thing rabbits just like many other cage animals are sometimes overlooked.

Also, it’s hard to find a veterinarian that will treat smaller animals, and finding an affordable exotic pet vet can be challenging.

The fact remains that even the smallest animals we own require some type of medical attention at some point in their lives.

So, if you have a pet rabbit it’s important you have an insurance plan just in case something happens to them which would require them to have veterinary attention.

That said, in case you’re unfamiliar with rabbit health issues, here are a few that might come up:

1. Myxomatosis:

Myxomatosis is a severe disease in domestic rabbits caused by a mosquito bite. 

Which can lead to a fever, lethargy, and eventual death with a 100% mortality rate and no successful treatment.

2. Rabbit Viral Hemorrhagic Disease:

The disease is an infectious virus that is responsible for attacking your rabbit’s internal organs causing them to hemorrhage.

This is a life-threatening condition that can take hold of your pet rabbit quickly so it’s important to be aware of it.

3. Limb Paralysis 

Due to the nature of how a rabbit moves, it’s much easier for them to injure one of its limbs.

This can also come as a result of improper handling, jumping from high places, or hopping up.

When this happens it can lead to total or partial limb paralysis and this will require veterinary attention.

Here are a few more:

  • Flystrike
  • Snuffles
  • Hairballs
  • Uterine tumors
  • Encephalitozoonosis
  • Pasteurellosis

All these illnesses are not to get you scared but to show pet rabbit owners how this can be eliminated by buying a good insurance plan.

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Now according to Nationwide Insurance, the most common insurance claims they get for rabbits include:

  • Overgrown teeth: this happens as a result of when rabbits don’t chew regularly.

Their teeth begin to grow large and curly which in turn prevents them from eating or even closing their mouths.

  • Conjunctivitis: this occurs when the inner eyelid and other membranes of the eyeball become irritated or infected and it’s also referred to as pink eye.
  • Ileus: in this situation, the animal’s bowel is unable to function properly for them to remove the waste products from their body.

Ultimately, you can see how important it’s for you to get pet insurance for your rabbit for they to receive the medical care they need.

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It’s lucky to know there is at least one pet insurance company that offers pet insurance for rabbits.

So, you can go ahead and check on their website to see the specific coverage that will work for you and your pet.

However, if your bunny has a pre-existing condition you just have to check with the company to see if they offer coverage for it.

Above all, make sure you go for a plan that works for you and be sure to know exactly what the coverage entails in order for you to meet the requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is pet insurance for rabbit waiting periods?

Judging by the fact that the only insurance company that provides coverage for exotic pets is Nationwide, they have a waiting period of 14 days.

Is there pet insurance for rabbits?

Yes! Nationwide is one of the few pet insurance providers that offer exotic pet insurance. This includes animals like birds and rabbits.

Is it worth it to get pet insurance for rabbits?

Absolutely! Because looking at the type of illness that might suddenly affect your pet, it will be of benefit if you buy insurance to give them the veterinary care they need.

At what age can I get pet insurance for rabbits?

It’s advisable to get an Insurance plan for your animal at a very young age because rabbits live for 8 to 12 years on average.

Because as they get older animals become more prone to illness which can amount to thousands of dollars in vet bills.


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