About Us

To know what Agro4Africa is all about, let’s look at the issues that birthed this idea.

The world’s population is increasing every day and we expect to hit approximately 9 billion people on earth by 2050.

This is accompanied by climate change which we must learn to adapt to. The effect of which is already evident in poor agricultural yields, floodings, draught and so on.

There will be great demand for food and shelter among other things.

More land space will be used to provide shelter for the increasing population.

By claiming more lands for shelter, available land for growing food will be reduced.

These expectations should give us concern.

Currently, hunger is already biting in Africa and everywhere around the world.

Despite the intervention programmes by different world organizations, there seems to be no permanent solution to the issue of hunger.

This brings us to the big question “How can we feed the world in 2050?” What solution can we provide to meet food demand?

The Role of Agro4Africa in Feeding the World

Variety of finished goods around the world make use of agricultural farm produce as raw material.

Therefore, farm produce must be in continuous supply in order to meet demand.

Also, the supply of raw materials must meet the industry standard. This is where Agro4Africa.com derived its role.

Agro4Africa was created to provide agricultural online resources to Africans and the world at large.  

The main purpose is to enlighten the populace  in areas related to:

This will arm them with enough information to ensure continuous production.

Secondly, this information will help farmers ensure that their farm produce meets the required standards.

Finally, we dedicate this blog to all the farmers out there who are contributing to feeding the world.

Cheers!! To your success.