Can Dogs Eat Sour Cream? How Safe Is It For Dogs?

Dogs always want to eat almost everything their owners eat but definitely not all kinds of human food so, can dogs eat sour cream? 

To give a quick answer, dogs can eat sour cream as it’s not harmful, however, it’s best to feed them small amounts and it should not be regular. 

In this article, you will learn why sour cream can not be a regular treat for your pooches. 

Also, you’ll learn how best to feed your hound sour cream, when you shouldn’t, and its effect on dogs. 

So, without much ado let’s get into details. 

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Can Dogs Eat Sour Cream? 

The simple answer to this question is yes, dogs can safely eat sour cream but you should be mindful of the amount your hound consumes. 

Sour cream is a fermented dairy product but due to its production process, it contains less lactose than other dairy products like Ice cream. 

So if your dog is lactose intolerant, a small amount can cause a serious stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting, or bloating. 

But in a case where your hound is not lactose intolerant, it can enjoy a small amount of sour cream without any serious effects. 

If you don’t know about your dog being lactose intolerant, you should feed them a low amount of sour cream. 

This method can also come in handy when your dog is trying out a meal for the first time. 

Above all, make sure the kind of sour cream you feed them must be low in fat and plain. 

That said, continue reading as we explore more about feeding your dogs sour cream. Let’s find out if it’s safe. 

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How Safe Is Sour Cream For Dogs? 

Even though dairy products contain calcium, sour cream is not the best source of it. 

Sour creams contain almost 13 mg of calcium as well as some vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, iron, sodium, and phosphorus. 

Despite these vitamins being important to the body, this does not justify the act of feeding them dairy products. 

Also, sour cream is high in fat so if your pooch is overweight you should not give it to them. 

If you must feed it to your pooch, make sure it’s in small amounts as we know that it is high in fat. 

Obesity in dogs is a dangerous condition and over time can lead to health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and others. 

That said, dogs don’t get any health benefits when they eat sour cream, and should not be given regularly. 

Continue reading as we learn more about why your hound can’t always feed on sour cream either as a meal or treat. 

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Why Can’t I Feed My Dogs Sour Cream Always? 

Even while most healthy dogs can take the sour cream, any dog who has a lactose intolerance should stay clear of this dish. 

It’s rather typical for dogs to have lactose intolerance, especially as they become older.

We earlier said that sour cream is a dairy product and it’s made with lactose, and as a result, can’t be fed to them always. 

When you feed it to a lactose-intolerant dog it becomes ill where gas will be the first symptom followed by vomiting and diarrhea.

However, sour cream has less lactose than milk, so if your pooch can take milk without any problems they can as well take sour cream.

Again, if your hound is overweight you shouldn’t feed them this dish because it can lead to serious health issues. 

Now, one tablespoon of sour cream contains 

  • 2.4 grams fat
  • 23 calories
  • 6 mg of cholesterol
  • 1.4 grams of saturated fat 

So, all these should be put into consideration before giving sour cream to your hound always. 

Read on to learn about some other foods you can’t feed your hound sour cream with. 

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Can Dogs Eat Sour Cream With Onion Chips? 

Earlier on we said that feeding your dog plain sour cream is the best because the dish sometimes comes with additional foods. 

For example, sour cream and onion chips are unhealthy and harmful to your pup and should never be offered to them. 

When you feed them sour cream and onion chips it can cause damage to their red blood cell which can lead to severe anemia.

In fact, dogs should not have onions in any form, especially onion powder because they are very saturated.

You can as well look out for these symptoms of anemia caused by the intake of onions

  • Light or pale gums
  • Weak muscles
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bad coordination
  • Blood in the urine

If your hound mistakenly eats onions or you notice any of these, contact the vet immediately. 

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Can Dogs Eat Sour Cream And Onion Dip? 

No, dogs shouldn’t ever consume sour cream and onion dip of any form. 

The onions in the dip are poisonous to dogs and are a simple way to poison your pet.

When you feed this dish to them it can cause a variety of health issues, including anemia, as well as possible harm to your pet’s red blood cells.

Aside from that, this means you are feeding your hound a lot of fat, sugar, and sodium due to the ingredients in the onion dip.

We already know that onions are bad for their health and onion dip is made with the onion so you should never give it to your dog. 

So sour cream and onion dip are not good for the health of your pet. 

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Can Dogs Eat Sour Cream and Chives?

Dogs should never be given chives or any other Allium family members.

Onions, garlic, shallots, and leeks are all members of the Allium family, as are chives.

Don’t give chives to your pet because they belong to the same family as onions, which are poisonous to them. 

Even in little quantities, they will harm your pet’s health, and this can be hazardous.

Watch out for the signs and call the vet if your dog consumes chives.

Now we know why you shouldn’t feed sour cream to your dogs, let’s learn about what you can do if your pet mistakenly eats too much sour cream. 

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What Should I Do If My Dog Eats Too Much Sour Cream? 

You shouldn’t have anything to worry about if your pooch takes a little sour cream but when in excess it can be harmful to their health. 

For a dog that is lactose intolerant or not used to the intake of sour cream expect a stomach upset. 

Even if your dog has serious health issues, the majority of veterinarians would advise a “wait and see” strategy when it comes to sour cream consumption. 

So, you have to wait and observe them for any signs of indigestion then if you notice your pet is acting sick you have to contact your veterinarian. 

This is where having good pet insurance for your pet comes in handy cause this can lead to serious vet bills. 

If this is not the case, your pet will likely just have a bit of gas and diarrhea and that will be all.


Sour cream is not harmful to dogs as a result your dog can have small amounts occasionally but not always. 

Due to the high amount of lactose it contains, many dogs may experience problems. 

Since many dogs are lactose-intolerant, eating too much lactose may cause them to feel sick or have other issues.

So, you have to first check if your hound is lactose intolerant before trying it out with them for the first time. 

When you feed it to a lactose-intolerant dog it becomes ill where gas will be the first symptom followed by vomiting and diarrhea.

With that said, if your dog reacts seriously to sour cream you may have to book an appointment with your vet. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Dogs Eat Sour Cream With Cheddar Chips? 

No dogs shouldn’t even eat sour cream and cheddar chips. 

Because they are high in calories and fat and may induce unhealthful weight gain, dogs shouldn’t consume any chips at all.

Can Dogs Eat Sour Cream? 

Yes, sour cream is okay for dogs to eat. Although it is not harmful to dogs, you have to be careful of the amount they consume. 

Especially if you are unsure whether they are lactose intolerant.

Can Dogs Eat Sour Cream With Pringles? 

No. Due to their high sodium and fat content, Pringles can cause salt intoxication and pancreatitis. 

Also, some Pringles may contain substances that are poisonous to dogs. 

It’s best to stay away from them and feed your dogs plain sour cream. 

Is Sour Cream Bad For Dogs? 

The only reason that makes sour cream bad for your pet is if they are lactose intolerant if your hound is overweight and when it’s been taken in excess. 

Because sour cream is a dairy product and very high in fat it can cause obesity in dogs which can lead to health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and others. 

Is Sour Cream Good For Dogs? 

Sour creams contain almost 13 mg of calcium as well as some vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, iron, sodium, and phosphorus. 

Despite these vitamins being important to the body, this does not justify the act of feeding them dairy products. 

Feeding your hound sour cream does not add any significant health benefits even with the vitamins it contains. 


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