25 Most Dangerous Breeds Of Dogs To Humans (Wildest Dogs With Pictures)

wildest dogs - most dangerous dog breeds in the world

Truly, dogs are one of the most loyal animals we could have as pets. Some are trained to be domestic and relate well with humans while some are trained for other aggressive purposes. Basically, the most dangerous breeds of dogs consist primarily of fighting and guard dogs. These dogs have inculcated traits such as aggression, resilience, and gameness. Therefore, based on how they are raised, certain breeds of dogs can turn out dangerous.

In this article, we have carefully outlined the 25 wildest dogs and the most dangerous dog breeds to humans that you should know. These breeds of dogs are considered dangerous based on their most fatal bites and attacks. If you are planning to become a first-time dog owner, this list will help you make an informed decision. Now, let’s forge ahead and look at 25 dangerous dog breeds in the world.

What Are The Most Dangerous Breeds Of Dogs?

Here is the list of the wildest dogs in the world. Be careful before getting any of these dangerous dog breeds, especially if you are a first-time dog owner.

  1. American Pit Bull Terrier
  2. Rottweilers
  3. German Shepherd
  4. American Bulldog
  5. Bullmastiff
  6. Siberian Husky
  7. Labrador Retriever
  8. Boxer
  9. Doberman Pinscher
  10. Alaskan Malamute
  11. Cocker spaniel
  12. Tosa Inu
  13. The Saint Bernard
  14. Akita
  15. The Great Dane
  16. Cane Corso
  17. Chow Chow
  18. Caucasian Ovcharka
  19. Gull Dong
  20. Dogo Argentino
  21. Perro de Presa Canario
  22. Tibetan Mastiff
  23. American Bandogge
  24. Basenji
  25. Kangal

These Are The Wildest Dogs in the World!!

#1. American Pit Bull Terrier:

One of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world is the American Pit Bull Terrier. Basically, this dog breed is characterized by strength, zest for life, and confidence. Depending on upbringing, Pit Bulls can be lovable animals. However, they have the highest rate of fatal attacks than any other dog.

Furthermore, Pit Bulls are considered a dangerous dog breed because they were mostly bred as hunting dogs and fighting dogs. In addition, they have great killer instincts, strong jaws, and bodies that weigh up to 80 pounds.

Based on research over a period of 13 years, this dog breed has contributed to about 284 fatal dog deaths in the US. This report shouldn’t be a surprise because Pit Bulls are known to have the most lethal bite style of all dogs. Their style majorly includes holding, shaking viciously, and refusing to let go of their victim.

#2. Rottweilers:

Rottweiler is also one of the Most Dangerous Breeds Of Dogs To Humans

The second most dangerous dog breed on our list is the Rottweiler. Rottweilers are well known for their dangerous bouts of aggression. These dogs have one of the worst temperaments therefore they require continuous training and attention in order to avoid unwanted situations.

If you are an amateur dog owner, then this dog is certainly not for you. One good thing about this dog breed is that it can grow up to 25 inches tall and weigh 120 pounds or more and still remain healthy. These animals are not only large they also possess a powerful bite which they make good use of.

They can also be protective and friendly to immediate household members but not to visitors and strangers. You need to beware of this dog because it has a number of deaths recorded in its name in the US.

#3. German Shepherd:

German-Shepherd is also one of the wildest dogs in the world

The German Shepherd is mostly used as a police or military dog. Basically, these dogs are robust, intelligent, powerful, and dangerous. As a result, they can inflict deadly attacks on people. With the above-mentioned qualities it is no surprise they are chosen to play the role of police and military dogs.

Although they can be aggressive, they are highly efficient in curtailing human threats. However, these breeds are considered dangerous and known to be the cause of 5% of all dog bite deaths.

#4. American Bulldog:

Don't mess with American Bulldog as it is one of the wildest dogs.

The American Bulldog is a heavy, well-balanced, muscular, and athletic dog. This dog breed possesses great strength, endurance, agility, and a friendly attitude. Although they can have a friendly attitude, they can also be stubborn at times and can be extremely confident.

Based on history, they were bred to be utility dogs used for working the farm. They were used as working dogs as they could catch wild boar and cattle, kill vermin, etc.

Most importantly these dogs do well guarding their owner’s property. However, according to data from dogsbite.org, they are responsible for 3.5% of dog bite fatalities between the years 2005 through 2017.

#5. Bullmastiff:

The next dog breed on our list of most dangerous dog breeds is the Bullmastiff. These dogs are very sensitive dogs with strong guarding abilities.

They are bound to protect your household, however, they might not enjoy the presence of outsiders and strangers. If you own a Bullmastiff, you will do well to curb this behavior at a young age to prevent attacks in your house.

These dogs are very powerful, fearless, devoted, alert, and strong. They are also solid-built dogs and can weigh up to 130 pounds and stand 27 inches tall or more. Therefore, there is a need for someone strong to handle them. Nevertheless, with consistent training, these dogs become very dependable and obedient.

Although attacks by bullmastiffs are relatively infrequent, these dogs are so large that when they do attack a person or animal, the damage is usually severe.

There have been many incidents of attacks that even resulted in fatalities. Based on research, Bullmastiffs were responsible for 3.2% of all fatal attacks that occurred over a 13-year period of study.

#6. Siberian Husky:

Siberian Husky - One of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world

Naturally, the Siberian husky is a strong working dog that has a powerful bite force. These dogs are mostly known for their wolf-like looks and have a similar attitude to wild animals.

Siberian Huskies are not very social because they have been bred as working dogs. Nevertheless, when given the right training and approach they can become more friendly and calm. However, very poor socialization and training will surely turn them into aggressive and dangerous dogs. Based on data from dogsbite.org, these dogs are responsible for 3% of fatalities over a period of 13 years.

#7. Labrador Retriever:

Labrador Retriever dog for seizure alert

These dogs were mostly bred to work alongside human beings and they are hunting dogs that are known to respond to perceived threats with violence.

Labradors are often prized as family-friendly dogs, however, they make poor guard dogs for their trustworthy nature.

When properly trained, a Labrador can be friendly, easygoing, and lovable. Nevertheless, if these dogs are not properly trained and treated well, they can be very dangerous.

Based on research they are responsible for 2.1% of all the deaths within a period of the 13-year study. Most of the time, it’s believed that the Labrador is defending its territory or even its food. 

These dogs are not considered too large, they weigh up to 80 pounds and can stand about 2 feet tall. 

#8. Boxer:

Contrary to its name a Boxer is typically not an aggressive dog. They are primarily playful, intelligent, and energetic. Nevertheless, this dangerous dog breed can be quite troublesome and strong-headed. They are usually very muscular and can weigh up to 80 pounds.

The reason that these dogs are considered dangerous is that there have been 48 attacks involving his breed from 1982 through 2012. 

Boxers are interesting dogs because they are simultaneously incredibly dopey in terms of their looks, but they were bred to be working dogs.

Furthermore, if a person the dog doesn’t trust does something they perceive as threatening near their owner, they could capably attack.

#9. Doberman Pinscher:

Doberman Pinschers weigh up to 80 pounds and can stand between 2 feet and 3 feet tall. They were bred commonly as guard and police dogs. Therefore, they have a reputation for being intimidating and aggressive, especially towards strangers.

The name “pinscher” emanates from a German term that refers to their habit of attacking and biting prey. Based on research, Dobermans caused about 6 deaths at the time of the 13-year study as well as many biting incidents. Although they don’t have large numbers of incidents attached to them, the breed is dangerous and capable of inflicting serious injuries.  

Moreover, because they were bred to become perfect attack dogs, it is not really surprising they are among the most dangerous dog breeds.

#10. Alaskan Malamute:

Alaskan Malamute

These dogs have a resemblance with the Husky and are often mistaken to be one. They are actually large dogs that can weigh almost 90 pounds and stand 26 inches tall. Also, they are powerful and highly energetic, and they love jumping around and getting into mischief. Unfortunately, these dogs are not known for yielding to the wishes of their owners, so they have to be trained well from a young age. 

Furthermore, just like the Husky, the Malamute is known for pulling sleds in the blistering cold. They really make excellent work dogs. However, because of their size, it is not advisable to have them around your young children.

Although they are not really responsible for too many deaths, the Alaskan Malamute is still on the list of the most dangerous dog breeds because of their powerful bite and willingness to use it against others.

#11. Cocker Spaniel:

Cocker spaniel

Basically, if your Cocker Spaniel is trained and treated well, he will surely make a great and lovable family pet. Now, if that is the case, then you may be asking what it is doing on this list. Here is your answer, these dogs are actually very emotional, and if poorly trained these dogs tend to attack. 

Furthermore, based on JAVMA’s study, the Cocker Spaniel has been responsible for over 59 fatal attacks over the last 25 years.

This makes it qualify as part of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world.

#12. Tosa Inu:

These dogs are native to Japan, where they were mostly bred as fighting dogs. Additionally, they have the most powerful jaws in the canine kingdom. However, because of its ugly reputation, Tosa Inus have become a rare breed.

These dogs have a very bad reputation for turning on their owners. They are practically unhinged and from what I just mentioned they do not make good family dogs. Furthermore, because of how dangerous this dog is, it has been banned in so many countries.

#13. Saint Bernard:

the Saint Bernard Dog

It is a fact that Saint Bernard dog breeds originate from the Italian and Swiss Alps. These dogs actually became famous for their ability to rescue hikers who became stranded in the snowy mountains. 

Although these dogs can be friendly and protective, they can also be very territorial. Nevertheless, if you want to keep them from growing up and displaying territorial and aggressive behavior, you need to start socializing them with strangers and other animals at a young age.

These dogs are very large and can weigh about 140-260 pounds. As long as they are properly trained, they will turn out to be great dogs. However, if they aren’t, they can be potentially dangerous due to their size and aggression. 

#14. Akita:

This dog originated in Japan and is increasing in popularity in the USA. Basically, they are strong, independent, and dominant. This dog breed is known for its recognizable smiles and irresistible to-touch coats. They are very muscular and can weigh around 100 pounds.

When properly trained, these dogs can be very affectionate and well-behaved. However, they do have a gene in them associated with aggression and unpredictable behavior. 

Unfortunately, their mood shifts – from friendly to low and destructive – are not nice and can cause notable problems for the owners. And all the recent studies led by researchers show that this gene is unlikely to change. In addition, these dogs can also be very territorial and awkward around strangers. 

#15. The Great Dane:

This dog is seen as the world’s tallest dog at 44 inches and was used as a hunter in Germany. Over the years, being a hunter has become a genetic trait for this dog. However, if they are trained properly, the Great Dane can be an amazing family dog. They can be sweet and affectionate, and become one of the best-natured breeds for your kids. These dogs typically love children, and many will allow small children to ride on their backs like a horse.

On the other hand, if not appropriately trained, in order to protect its territory, it might be aggressive when a stranger approaches even if not provoked. Furthermore, because these dogs weigh about 120 pounds, their size makes them very dangerous when they are poorly trained.

#16. Cane Corso:

This dog is one other dangerous dog breed that was bred for fighting and catching mountain lions and boars. Because of this, they have turned out to be quite aggressive in their dealings.

However, beyond their fearsome looks and reputation, Cane Corsos can make excellent family pets. Nevertheless, do not underestimate their power to be aggressive.

These dogs are well-muscled and can weigh between 99 to 150 pounds. They are also known to be alert and self-confident.

#17. Chow Chow:

Another dangerous dog breed in the world is the Chow Chow. These dogs originate from China and weigh about 70 pounds. They can be quite independent and tend to demand respect at all costs. They are also not very tolerant of strangers.

Chow Chows have a bad reputation for also turning on their owners. This occurs especially when they do not feel like doing what is being asked of them. With this trait, you can agree with me that these dogs won’t make the best of pets.

Based on research, there were over 238 Chow Chow attacks between 1979 and 1998.  Nevertheless, training matters in everything. If well trained, Chow Chows can be protective of their owners.  However, if they are not given the right training in the right environment, they can be very dangerous.

#18. Caucasian Ovcharka:

Caucasian Ovcharka

This particular dog breed is large, powerful, and strong-willed. They are also known as the Caucasian shepherds. These dogs make very good home defenders as they are very hostile to strangers.

If trained properly the qualities of this dog could be used to save lives. However, if this dog lacks good training it could be very dangerous and unleash its power wrongly. As for their weight, a Caucasian Shepherd can weigh up to 110 pounds. 

#19. Gull Dong:

The Gull Dong is not only among the most dangerous dog breeds but they are also among the rarest dog breeds in the world. These dogs do not make good family pets as they are quite difficult to train. They were bred as hunting and fighting dogs, little wonder they are on this list.

Furthermore, they possess grumpy behavior and can even turn on their owners. 

#20. Dogo Argentino:


The Dogo Argentino is another dangerous dog breed that was bred to hunt big game. It also has scary looks and will make an excellent guard dog.

Although this dog could actually use its qualities to protect its family. The best thing to do is to ensure it gets proper training at an early stage. Otherwise, traits such as aggressiveness, gameness, and raw, unbridled power make these breeds quite dangerous.

Dogo Argentino is banned in multiple countries, such as Singapore, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, etc because of its dangerous nature.

#21. Perro de Presa Canario:

To be honest, the Perro de Presa Canario is not naturally disposed to aggression. They are calm and self-assured and intelligent. These dogs make excellent guard dogs. Nevertheless, they have a high prey drive and are highly suspicious of strangers. As a result, these dogs become dangerous around unfamiliar people and animals. So, it can attack randomly without warning, thereby causing great damage.

Therefore, there’s a need for early training and socialization for them to turn out better. Furthermore, they also require lots of exercise and stimulation to prevent dangerous behaviors.

#22. Tibetan Mastiff:

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiffs are tough dogs with a watchdog appearance. They have a natural killer instinct you would not like to play with. This makes them quite difficult to control and train.

Certainly, they are not the best dogs for first-time dog owners. This is because based on research there have been cases of severe injuries caused by this breed to their unlucky owners who ended up in the brutally injured or killed. 

#23. American Bandogge:

The American Bandogge is naturally aggressive and dangerous because they were trained as fighting dogs.

As a matter of fact, this dog is a cross between an American Pit Bull Terrier and a Neapolitan Mastiff. Additionally, they have massive muscles and body mass which obviously made them perfect to be used as fighting dogs. 

Because they were trained to be violent, you should expect nothing less from an American Bandogge.

#24. Basenji:

Basenjis do not readily accept new people or dogs around them and can suddenly turn aggressive. However, they are known to be quite affectionate and playful.

These dogs are super popular in Asia. They can be protective of families however it is quite difficult to train a Basenji. This is because this breed is more likely to end up roaming the streets. However, when a good dog trainer becomes its leader and trains it, this dog becomes very teachable.

#25. Kangal:

The last but not the least dangerous dog breed on our list is the Kangal dog.

This dog is a large dog that comes from Turkey. In spite of their size, their body is extremely agile and athletic. Furthermore, they are known for their protective and territorial aggression toward people they don’t know.

This dog is not a dog to play with because they usually have a bite force of 743 PSI. This bite force is far higher than that of wolves which normally have an average bite force of 400 PSI. With this, you do not need anyone to tell you that this dog is a dangerous dog breed.

What are some of the wildest dogs in the world?

Some of the wildest dogs include the African Wild Dog, Dingo, and New Guinea Singing Dog.

What makes a dog breed dangerous?

The term “dangerous” can refer to a breed’s potential for aggression or the severity of injuries they can inflict. It often depends on factors such as training, socialization, and individual temperament.

Are all dogs of certain breeds dangerous?

No, not all dogs of a specific breed are dangerous. Individual temperament, socialization, and training play crucial roles in determining a dog’s behavior.

Which dog breeds are often considered the most dangerous?

Dog breeds often associated with being potentially dangerous include Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, and Akitas.

Is it true that a dog’s behavior is solely determined by its breed?

No, a dog’s behavior is influenced by a combination of genetics, upbringing, socialization, and training. Breed characteristics can provide insights, but they don’t guarantee a dog’s temperament.

Are certain dog breeds inherently aggressive?

While some breeds may have certain predispositions, aggression is not solely determined by breed. Proper training, socialization, and responsible ownership play critical roles in shaping a dog’s behavior.

Can dangerous breeds of dogs be trained to be safe?

Yes, with appropriate training, socialization, and responsible ownership, even dogs from breeds associated with potential aggression can be well-behaved and safe.

Are there any laws or regulations regarding dangerous dog breeds?

Laws and regulations regarding dangerous dog breeds vary by jurisdiction. Some areas have breed-specific legislation (BSL) that imposes restrictions on owning certain breeds or requires specific conditions and precautions.

How can I ensure the safety of my family around dogs?

Ensuring safety involves responsible ownership, proper training, socialization, and supervision. Teaching children how to interact with dogs and recognizing signs of stress or aggression is also important.

Are small dog breeds less dangerous than large breeds?

Size alone does not determine a dog’s potential danger. Small dog breeds can also exhibit aggressive behavior if not properly trained or socialized.

Can any dog, regardless of breed, become dangerous?

Any dog, regardless of breed, has the potential to exhibit dangerous behavior if mistreated, neglected, or poorly trained.

How can I evaluate a dog’s temperament before adopting?

Assessing a dog’s temperament involves spending time with the dog, observing its behavior in various situations, and seeking guidance from professionals, such as trainers or behaviorists.

Should I avoid owning a dog from a dangerous breed altogether?

Deciding to own a dog from a breed associated with potential danger requires careful consideration. Responsible ownership, training, socialization, and understanding of the breed’s characteristics are crucial.

Are mixed-breed dogs safer than purebred dogs?

Mixed-breed dogs can have a range of traits from their parent breeds, making it difficult to generalize their behavior. Responsible ownership and proper training are essential regardless of the breed.

How can I prevent dog aggression and promote a safe environment?

Preventing dog aggression involves early socialization, positive reinforcement training, regular exercise, providing a safe environment, and addressing any behavioral


Knowing the most dangerous dog breeds in the world will give you an edge when buying your own dog.

Moreover, it is always good to make an informed decision you won’t regret later.

We hope this article on dangerous dog breeds helps you make the right choice.

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