Jetblue Pet Policy in 2023

jetblue pet policy for travelling with dogs and cats

Jetblue airways are one awesome airline that allows you to travel comfortably with your pet. 

With Jetblue, you do not have to worry about legroom space because they have enough space.

Just like every other airline, Jetblue has its own pet policy.

Therefore if you must travel with your pet on Jetblue you must surely adhere to them.

Let’s forge ahead and see the Jetblue pet policy you have to adhere to.

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Jetblue Pet Policy You Should Know.

Jetblue airlines are one of the low-cost airlines in America.

They allow you to travel safely with your small pets, especially dogs and cats.

They are quite pet-friendly and welcome pets on a number of flights.

Basically, your pets can fly only in the cabin.

For you to travel with your pet on Jetblue airlines there are certain policies you should know.

They include;

#1. In-Cabin Pet Policy

Jetblue allows small dogs and cats to fly In-Cabin on both domestic and international flights.

However, these cats and dogs should be at least 8 weeks old before they can travel in cabin with Jetblue

All pets allowed in the cabin should be in an appropriate carrier.

Furthermore, the weight of both the pet and the carrier should not exceed 20lbs.

Here only 4 dogs are allowed per flight, and only accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Therefore, it is important to make your pet reservations immediately when you confirm your travel plans.

During the entire flight, small pets are expected to completely stay put in their carriers, under the seat, with the doors closed.

Most importantly, the carrier must be an approved airline pet carrier with a waterproof bottom.

Furthermore, it should have enough room for your pet to stand up, lie down and turn around.

There should be adequate ventilation and the lock must fasten securely too.

The above-mentioned is worthy of note so as to avoid disappointments.

Furthermore, Jetblue only permits one carrier per passenger.

If you are traveling to an international destination, health vaccination and certificates are required.

However, for domestic flights within the United States, such documents are not required.

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Jetblue Carrier Guidelines.

The maximum size for the pet carriers is 17″ x 12.5″ x 8.5″ (43 cm x 31 cm x 21 cm). 

Your pet must be able to stand up comfortably and move around the carrier with ease.

Furthermore, carriers must have a leak-proof bottom and must be well ventilated on at least 2 sides. 

The maximum weight of your pet and the carrier must not exceed 20lbs(9kg).

Above all your pet carrier must be able to fit under the seat in front of you.

Jetblue accepts both soft-sided and hard-sided carriers.

If your carrier does not meet the guidelines, you can purchase one from JetBlue at the airport ticket counter for $55. 

Invariably, your pet and carrier will count as your personal item.

Reservations and Cost.

You can make your reservations with Jetblue airways online.

The fee you will pay for your pet to travel in the cabin is $125 each way per pet carrier.

jetblue pet policy for travelling with dogs and cats

#2. Checked Baggage Pet Policy.

Jetblue only carries pets in the cabin.

No pet carriers are permitted as checked baggage.

Furthermore, because of pressurized air and lack of oxygen in the aircraft,  pets are not permitted to travel in the cargo area.

Service Animals

Service dogs are welcome on Jetblue flights.

However, if you want to travel with your service animal there are certain regulations to keep to.

  • Service dogs must be leashed and harnessed while in the airport and on the aircraft.
  •  Required documentation must be submitted 48 hours prior to departure.
  • Service dogs must be able to sit at their handler’s feet and not encroach into the space of other passengers. 
  • However, if the service dog is small enough, it can sit on its handler’s lap. 
  • Service dogs cannot occupy another seat at any time.
  • Should you have 2 service dogs that are too large, you may purchase a second seat so they can occupy the space in front of the seat.
  • Supporting documentation should be submitted within 48 hours of travel.
  • Lastly, JetBlue does not recognize service animals in training as service animals.

General Jetblue Pet Travel Restrictions and Guidelines.

  • If you are traveling with your pet, you are not permitted to sit in an emergency exit row, bulkhead seat, Mint seat, or any seat that is restricted for under-seat stowage. 
  • Nevertheless, it is highly recommended you sit in a window or an aisle seat.
  • Animals will not fit under the seat in the MINT cabin of JetBlue airplanes. 
  • Furthermore, due to the issuance of a new rule by the Department of Transportation, JetBlue no longer accepts emotional support animals on board.

Here’s a simple guide to help you get a letter of emotional support animal for your pet.

Key things you need to do to ensure a safe trip for your pet on Jetblue Airways.

Safe travel for your pet is one responsibility you should take seriously.

From the above-mentioned policies, there are certain things you need to do to ensure a safe flight for your pet.

They include;

  • Confirm and ensure your pet (dog and cat) is healthy and eligible for travel.
  • You need to ensure you have the appropriate kennel for your pet.
  • Also, make sure you have all the needed documents with you.

#1. Confirm and ensure your pet is healthy and eligible for travel.

For your pet to travel safely, this is a worthy point to note.

You need to ensure your pet is healthy enough to fly and at least up to 8 weeks of age.

If there are other additional documents you need to submit prior to the flight then do well to do so.

#2. Ensure you have the appropriate kennel for your pet.

This is another key point to note if you really want your pet to be comfortable and enjoy the flight.

Jetblue has kennel specifications and you should ensure yours meet the standard.

Also, ensure your pet kennel is well ventilated and leakproof.

#3. Also, ensure you have all the necessary travel documents with you.

This point is very crucial.

Ensure you have the needed vaccinations and documentation, pet license, and ID tags.

This will help you have a less stressful and hitch-free trip.

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Surely you can have a safe trip with your dog or cat on Jetblue Airlines.

We have come to the end of this article on Jetblue Pet Policy.

Truly, we hope this article helps you make the right decision.

You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jetblue Pet Policy.

#1. Can I take my dog on Jetblue? 

JetBlue gladly accepts small cats and dogs in the aircraft cabin on both domestic and international flights. However, vaccination requirements vary from state to state for travel within the U.S.

#2. How strict is Jetblue with pets?

Small dogs and cats may travel in the cabin in an FAA-approved pet carrier that fits comfortably under the seat in front of you. Only one pet per customer is allowed. Only 4 pets are allowed on each flight on a first-come, first-served basis. Jet Blue does not accept pet remains, cremated or otherwise, in the cabin or as cargo.

#3. Does Jetblue allow large dogs?

JetBlue only allows small dogs and cats to fly in the cabin. The pet must be in a carrier that can easily fit under the seat. Also, the combined weight of your pet and the carrier must not exceed 20 pounds.

#4. Can my pet fly with me as a checked Baggage on Jetblue? 

JetBlue does not offer checked baggage. However, JetBlue’s airline pet policy will allow your small dog or cat to travel in the cabin of their aircraft.

#5. Does Jetblue refund pet fees? 

The $125 pet fee that JetBlue charges is non-refundable, but it can be canceled and utilized later. To cancel your pet’s reservation, call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) before the scheduled departure time. If you don’t, the fee will be forfeited.

#6. Does a pet count as a personal item? 

At JetBlue, your pet and approved pet carrier count as one personal item and must fit under the seat in front of you. Only one pet is allowed per customer, with a few exceptions.

#7. Does Jetblue check your pet license? 

JetBlue may require you to present a proper pet vaccination and documentation for each destination of your trip.
Currently, there are no vaccination or health requirements for pets on domestic flights. However, pets to/from an international destination, including Puerto Rico, require proper documentation. For details, visit

#8. Does Jetblue Require a Health Certificate for a dog? 

Regardless of whether you’re traveling on a domestic or international flight, JetBlue requires you to bring health documentation. You’ll need to bring along a health certificate from your vet that’s no more than 10 days old, as well as proof of up-to-date vaccinations. However, vaccination requirements vary from state to state.

#9. What document do I need for a pet on Jetblue? 

You need vaccination reports.
ID tags.
Pet license.


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