3 Best Pet Insurance With Dental Coverage


As a pet parent, maintaining your pup’s dental hygiene is very essential which is why you must know the best pet insurance with dental coverage for your furry friend.

Poor dental hygiene could lead to a mouth infection or gum disease which may cause your pup to have health issues.

It’s a good thing there are pet insurance providers that offer dental insurance to ensure your pet’s teeth are taken care of.

This is why in this article we have put together some of the best pet insurance companies that offer dental coverage.

In this article we will discuss:

  • What pet insurance with dental coverage covers and does not cover?
  • How much does pet insurance with dental coverage cost?
  • Is pet insurance with dental coverage worth it?
  • How to find pet insurance with dental coverage.

So, without much ado let’s get into details.

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Does Pet Insurance Include Dental Coverage?

Yes, because when it comes to the usual pet insurance, dental care is divided into two which are acute care and routine care.

Routine care includes things your pet needs on a regular, predictable basis, whereas acute care includes things your pet needs suddenly and urgently.

For the case of acute care, it’s usually covered under the normal accident and illness policies.

Which usually covers veterinary care expenses related to an accident or illness up to the policy’s benefit limit.

Know that, if your pet has pre-existing dental problems, certain related dental care may not be covered even if the visit was due to an illness or accident.

This might also apply if your pet has a genetic disorder that was discovered before the pet insurance plan’s start date.

For instance, if your pup showed signs of poor dental health before the date of the policy commences or any type of emergency extraction, your issuer might reject your claim.

This is due to the possibility that they will view it as a pre-existing exclusion or as being connected to dental abuse.

Continue reading to find out whether enrolling for pet insurance with dental coverage is worth it.


Is Pet Insurance With Dental Coverage Worth It?

Absolutely Yes! Pet insurance with dental coverage is worth it.

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine asserts that your pet’s oral health has an impact on every aspect of its general wellness.

Most animals usually develop dental diseases from the age of 3 years because they use their mouth for almost everything thereby ingesting germs always.

Again, because pets are unable to brush their teeth, food particles and germs remain in their mouths until we clean them for them. 

Even though routine pet dental care can be provided at home, professional dental care is required to truly ensure good dental health.

Dental care for animals might be somewhat expensive because the cleaning requires anesthesia just like dental procedures.

There are other costs which may include the cost are office fees, medicine costs, diagnostic testing fees, and more.

These extra costs go on to increase the cost of your vet visit by hundreds of dollars.

So, for the purpose of cutting down on these unplanned veterinary expenses, you need to get pet insurance with dental coverage.

Now, let’s find out what is included and excluded in pet insurance with dental coverage. 

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What Does Pet Insurance With Dental Coverage Cover?

Here are a few dental procedures that are frequently covered by pet insurance policies. 

Remember that these costs are only covered if there was no prior indication of a dental condition or injury when the policy was purchased.

  • Tooth extraction and bone grafts
  • Malocclusion care and procedures related to your pet’s overbite or underbite.
  • Jaw fractures
  • Stomatitis (inflammation of the mouth and/or lips)
  • Tooth reconstruction following an accident or injury
  • Dentigerous cysts or tumors
  • Root canals, caps, and crowns
  • Periodontal disease, such as gingivitis.
  • Dental radiographs
  • Hospital stays
  • Oral biopsies
  • Cytology
  • Anesthesia
  • Surgical care

Note that care claims may be turned down if it appears that your pet’s oral health issues are caused by insufficient regular dental care.

What Does Pet Insurance With Dental Coverage Not Cover?

While many expenses which come with dental care can be covered by a typical pet insurance policy, there are some costs that are not covered.

These consist of:

  • Extractions or reconstruction related to pre-existing dental disease.
  • Dental check-ups
  • Extractions of retained baby teeth if your pup was not enrolled from a young age.
  • Tooth brushings (though these may be available with additional wellness coverage)
  • Dental treatment for a congenital illness that your pet already has a diagnosis for

It’s of utmost importance to note that most pet insurance has a waiting period.

This actually is the time frame that you must wait before your pet’s dental care requirements following an injury or illness will be covered.

That said, the usual time frame to wait before your pup’s dental care is covered falls from 2 days to 15 days.

Now you know what they cover, let’s find out how much such coverage will cost you and your furry friend.

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How Much Does Pet Insurance With Dental Coverage Cost?

Basically, the price of pet dental insurance varies depending on the services you require, your pup’s breed, age, and location. 

Normally, pet insurance policies offer pet wellness programs and cover unexpected dental injuries and cleanings. 

Although, coverage for dental illnesses varies between providers. As a result, some pet insurance providers don’t provide coverage because they believe the dental disease can be preventable.

You won’t need to purchase supplemental dental insurance because pet insurance companies typically cover dental problems under standard accident/illness plans. 

The average monthly cost for accident/illness coverage is $30 to 40 for dogs and $15 to 25 for cats.

While the wellness add-ons can cost from $20 to $50 per month specifically depending on the provider.

Ultimately, make sure you check the specific preventative care restrictions set by your provider regarding regular dental cleanings.

Continue reading as we learn about some of the companies that offer dental coverage.

Top 3 Best Companies That Offer Dental Coverage 

Here are some of the best pet insurance companies that offer dental coverage which is as well affordable.

1. ASPCA Pet Insurance:


ASPCA is one of the first pet insurance in the US and they have been offering pet insurance since 1997.

Ever since they have processed more than 1.6 million pet insurance claims.

Their pet insurance is available as a full-coverage, accident-only, or preventative care add-on plan.

As a result, both dental illnesses and accidents are covered under the full coverage plan.

This means that pet owners can also buy coverage for routine care, starting at just $9.95 per month, which includes dental cleanings.

However, the cost of ASPCA pet insurance depends on your pet’s age, breed, and location, as well as the plan options you choose when buying the policy.


  • Wellness add-on with dental care available
  • No upper age limit 
  • Includes coverage for Exam fees
  • Offers a multi-pet discount of 10%
  • Has a 24/7 telehealth line


  • Limited choice of deductible
  • Doesn’t offer unlimited annual coverage 

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2. Embrace Pet Insurance:


With Embrace pet owners can get an injury, illness, and even wellness protection for their furry friend.

They are highly rated and their plans can be purchased throughout the U.S. for pets as young as six weeks.

Embrace will pay for your pet’s dental care related to accidents or illnesses each year without any dental exams

This covers crowns, broken teeth, root canals, and extractions.

Dental accident coverage is permitted up to the overall limit of your policy, while dental illness coverage is permitted for up to $1,000 in annual care.

With an additional cost, pet owners can add the Embrace wellness plan to their coverage.

Which provides reimbursement for routine dental expenses, including exams, cleanings, and teeth brushing, as well as supplies like dental chews, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.


  • Dental accident and illness coverage
  • Wellness add-on with dental care available
  • Customizable plan options


  • $1,000 limit for dental illness coverage 
  • No unlimited annual limit option

3. Spot Pet Insurance:


Spot offers flexible and trustworthy pet insurance coverage for a wide range of accidents and illness

For more than a century, the company that underwrites Spot policies has been providing insurance protection. 

The company is available in all 50 states and covers all dogs and cats regardless of breed, age, or health.

Owners of pets can opt for an accident-only or an accident-and-illness policy.

Their accident and illness policy covers both dental injuries and illnesses, while an accident-only policy covers only dental injuries.

In addition, routine dental care which includes dental cleaning is available with the optional purchase of a preventative plan.

Furthermore, you can choose from Spot’s Gold and Premium preventative care add-ons for $250-$450 in routine care savings.

The Gold preventive care add-on covers up to $100 for teeth cleanings.

While the Platinum option provides up to $150 in reimbursement for dental cleaning costs.


  • Dental accident and illness coverage
  • Wellness add-on with dental care available
  • Customizable plan options


  • $150 coverage cap for dental cleanings
  • Higher price range

Now you know the companies, read on to learn about how to find pet insurance companies with dental coverage.

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How To Find Pet Insurance With Dental Coverage 

Pet insurance is a good way to help keep you off debt whenever your furry friend needs medical care.

Although it is uncommon to find only pet dental insurance, look for pet insurance plans that offer comprehensive and affordable dental care coverage.

In addition to a pet insurance policy with adequate dental coverage, here are a few methods to reduce the cost of a pet’s dental care.

1. Practice Prevention Care.

Once they reach the age of 3, many pets begin to exhibit early signs of periodontal disease, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association.

It’s crucial to take preventative measures as they age to avoid dental conditions getting worse or having an impact on their kidney or liver functions.

While many dental specialists frequently advise an annual dental cleaning, ask your veterinarian if they will instead perform a dental assessment.

As a result, you and your vet can discuss the best ways to care for your pet’s dental health, such as brushing or giving them chews,

2. Consider A Pet Insurance Wellness Plan.

Even though routine dental care is not covered by any pet medical insurance policies, you can often add a wellness plan that does.

Your pet insurance premium will go up if you add a wellness plan, but it can help you pay for dental cleanings.

Which can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000 depending on your location, your pup’s age, and breed type.

3. Consider CareCredit.

If your pup has a dental emergency that’s expensive and you can’t pay for, you can use a financing option like CareCredit however, with caution.

Pet owners can apply for short financing terms with CareCredit, ranging from six months to two years, with no interest charged on vet bills exceeding $200.

That said, you must work with a healthcare professional who belongs to the CareCredit network.

Besides that, you will be charged 26.99% interest if the balance is not paid in full by the end of the promotional period. 

So be ready to pay the remaining balance to avoid interest being applied.

4. Set Saving Aside.

Every pet insurance policy requires you to pay a deductible and a coinsurance percentage. 

Therefore, saving money can help you manage your veterinary bills.

Summary of the Best Pet Insurance With Dental Coverage 

  • ASPCA: Best for new pet owners 
  • Embrace: Best for determining deductibles 
  • Spot: Most customizable plan


Dental coverage for your pup is one potential benefit of pet insurance because it can help cover a range of items.

However, you can’t only purchase a policy because you want coverage for your pup’s teeth.

Instead, you should consider if the overall benefits of the insurance will be beneficial to your pup’s needs and if it’s worth the cost.

In addition, don’t forget to research the dental care provisions of the various providers whenever you decide to get a policy.

Also, not all policies cover dental accidents or illnesses but you can consider adding a wellness plan to your policy, which will cover such expenses.

Finally, it’s advisable to regularly brush or wipe your pet’s teeth, along with annual cleanings in order to prevent the need for oral surgery.

We hope this article provides you with all the information you need as well as the guides you require to get dental coverage for your pet.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Pet Insurance With Dental Coverage Available For Dogs?

Yes, usually a dog’s dental issues frequently don’t surface until later in life when they get older. 

So, it’s better you prepare for common ailments like gingivitis and periodontal disease, which can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to treat, by putting coverage in place now.

In the event of an emergency or if your dog develops a dental condition that requires ongoing care, dental coverage through a dog insurance plan can help reduce those high vet bills.

Is Pet Insurance With Dental Coverage Available For cats?

Yes, even though cats are more independent, it can be challenging to detect dental problems in them.

So, having a cat insurance policy that includes preventive care will provide coverage for routine wellness exams.

That said, dental insurance that covers preventative care like teeth cleanings can help you make sure your cat lives a long time.

Does pet insurance Cover Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is regarded as a routine or preventative care procedure, and your insurer’s policy will determine whether it is covered or not. 

Preventative care coverage is uncommon in pet insurance, but Spot pet insurance covers up to $100 for tooth cleaning via the Gold preventive care add-on.

While the Platinum add-on option provides up to $150 in reimbursement for dental cleaning.

How Much Does Pet Insurance With Dental Coverage For Dogs Cost?

The cost of having your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned at the vet typically ranges from $200 to $700. 

Actually, the requirement for the animal to be put to sleep during the procedure contributes to that procedure’s relatively high cost (although some cleanings can be anesthesia-free). 

Costs may increase if the vet finds gum disease and needs to perform additional dental procedures. 

They may also increase more if x-rays and other diagnostics are required.

How Much Does Pet Insurance With Dental Coverage For Cats Cost?

The cost of having your cat’s teeth professionally cleaned is just like that of dogs which ranges from $200 to $700.

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