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If you need more eggs in your poultry farm, then you need to get one of these best chicken breeds for egg production.

This is a complete list that will show you everything you need to know about the best egg-laying chickens.

Adding one of these chicken breeds to your flock is a sure ticket to getting more eggs on your poultry farm.

The chicken breeds in this list are great egg-laying chickens.

However, you can learn how to ferment your chicken feed to experience the best laying results from your flock.

Our focus in this article will be to show you the list of the best egg-laying chickens, their age of point of lay as well as the number of eggs they lay per year.

This information will help you to make a better decision about the type of chicken you will add to your flock.

So, if you are ready to get more eggs in your poultry farm, then, then check out the list of egg-laying breeds of chicken. 

What are the best chicken breeds for eggs?

It’s no longer news that some chickens are not caught out for the egg-laying thing. 

Naturally, some chickens lay just 2 eggs in a week.

This is so because they are by nature not a prolific egg-laying breed.

They breed some chickens for their ornamental look.

For these chickens, you do not expect them to lay many eggs.

To get the best results in egg-laying, it’s best you go for chickens who are naturally egg-cellent producers. 

With that, you don’t have to struggle for more eggs. 

Below, you will find a list of chicken breeds that lay the most eggs. 

What you should know about egg-cellent birds

Knowing the right chicken to add to your flock to produce more eggs is quite important for most farmers.

But it’s not just enough to know the chicken breeds for eggs. 

It’s also ideal to know that even in a breed, certain varieties lay more eggs than the others. 

For instance, the Japanese Bantams do not lay eggs compared to their hybrid hens. 

Their hybrids can lay over 280 eggs per year. This means they lay an egg every day.

Therefore, you need to choose the best chicken breeds if you want more eggs. 

You need not worry about that because in the next session you will find them.

Top 12 best chicken breeds for eggs

Without further ado, here are the best breeds of chicken you should buy if you need more eggs. 

#1. Golden Comet Hybrid chicken:

Number of eggs per year: About 330

Age of point of lay: 15 to 16 weeks

By nature, hybrids lay many eggs. 

Although there are different hybrid chickens, the Golden Comet is the most popular.

Usually, their eggs are medium-sized and brown. 

Besides laying many eggs, they are also economical. 

These chickens consume a smaller amount of food.

#2. Rhode Island Red Chicken:

characteristics and breed information of the rhode island chicken

Number of eggs per year: About 250-300 eggs

Point of lay:  18-24 weeks old

Next on our list of best chicken breeds for eggs is the loudest chicken in the world: the Rhode Island Red.

This dual-purpose chicken is known to lay many eggs and is good for meat. 

Usually, their eggs are also brown and medium-sized.

You wouldn’t struggle to find them because they are the most popular backyard chicken breeds. 

#3. Leghorn chicken:

silver leghorn chicken

The number of eggs per year: About 300–320.

Point of lay:   16- 17 weeks

Do you remember the Foghorn Leghorn from the popular TV show in the 50s and 60s? 

That’s the Leghorn chicken breed. 

Also, they are one of the perfect backyard chickens. 

If you need more eggs, this is one of the chicken breeds you should consider. 

Their eggs are white and medium-sized.

#4. Sussex chicken:

Buff sussex chicken breed

The average number of eggs per year: 250

Point of lay: 16-20 weeks old

The Sussex chickens are a very calm dual-purpose breed. Naturally, they love to free-range but are careful not to destroy it. 

Just like the Rhode Island Red, the Sussex is a ‘dual purpose’ hen. 

So we can keep them for eggs or meat. Their eggs come in eight varying colours.  

#5. Plymouth Rock:

plymouth rock chicken characteristics, origin, breed information and lifespan

The average number of eggs per year: 200.

Point of lay: 16-20 weeks old

The Plymouth Rock lays about one egg in two days. Although they lay many eggs, their eggs are small.

They are usually medium-sized and light brown.

Also, they make good pets because they are friendly.

#6. Ancona chicken:

Number of eggs per year: 200 – 220

Point of lay: 18-22 weeks old

The Anconas are small hens that originated from Italy.

Today they are now much more common in the UK and the US.

Although they can be mistaken for the Plymouth chicken, their small size betrays this similarity. 

They’re one of the chicken breeds that lay white eggs. 

Never consider this chicken breed for pets. And because of their skittish nature, their feathers will need clipping often.

#7. Barnevelder chicken:

barnevelder chicken characteristics and breed information

Number of eggs per year: 175–200

Point of Lay: 18 – 20 weeks

Here’s another chicken breed on the list of best chicken breeds for eggs. 

This chicken is a hybrid of the Dutch Landrace and Asian jungle fowl. 

Its glossy feathers make it a huge attraction. But the black skin makes it a scare to many as well. 

The Barnevelder chicken eggs vary in size. It can be small or medium-sized. And it’s usually light speckled brown in colour.

#8. Hamburg chicken:

The average number of eggs per year: 200

Point of lay: 16-18 weeks 

Hamburg chicken is a native of Germany and one of the most attractive best chicken breeds for eggs.

It’s one of the chicken breeds that produce medium-sized eggs with a white glossy shell.

#9. Maran chicken:

The average number of eggs per year: 200

Point of lay: 16-18 weeks

The Marans do not just lay eggs; they are also bred for meat. 

Naturally, they produce vibrant, dark medium-sized brown eggs.

They look like the Plymouth Rocks, but they are mostly dark grey with white flutters.

#10. Buff Orpington chicken:

hen-bird-orpington chickens

The average number of eggs per year: 200-280

Point of laying: 19-24 weeks

The Orpington chickens are egg-ceptional birds. But the Buff Orpington variety lays the most eggs. 

And just so you know, it is Queen Elizabeth’s favourite chicken. 

Also, they can make a great garden pet.

#11. Easter Eggers:

The average number of eggs per year: 250

Point of laying: 19-24 weeks

Although this is a hybrid chicken, they deserve their personal accolade. 

They are famous for their blue eggs. 

Therefore, if you need that kind of dragon looking egg that you place a price on, this girl is for you.

Also, their eggs are usually medium or large.

#12. Australorp chicken:

Australorp_Blue_and_Black_large chickens

Number of eggs per year: 200 – 350

Point of laying: 22 -24 weeks

This is the next best chicken in our list of top chicken breeds for eggs.

The Australorp Chickens are great pets.

An Australorp once laid 364 eggs in 365 days. 

Other Breeds of Chicken That Will Lay Lots of Eggs.

Although we consider these above-mentioned birds as the best chicken breeds for eggs, there are other chickens you can go for. 

They include;

Frequently Asked Questions About Best chicken breeds for eggs.

What are the factors that influence egg production?

As earlier stated for a chicken to produce more eggs, it has to be naturally prolific in egg-laying.

But certain factors influence egg production. Such we have found out to be;

  • Diseases
  • Water intake
  • Parasite infestation
  • Feed consumption (quality and quantity)
  • Management and environmental factors. 

Therefore, to get quality eggs from these best chicken breeds we listed, ensure that they meet these standards.

How long do these chickens lay eggs?

Chickens can lay eggs for about 8+ years. And most times they can lay eggs for as many years as possible. 

But, the quantity and size of eggs as their age increases. 

In the first year, you can expect your chickens to be at full egg production.

This means they’ll produce an egg about 90% of the time.

However, In the second year, a hen will lay an egg 80% of the time. 

Therefore, if it laid 250 eggs the first year, it might reduce to 200 in the second year. 

In the third year, hens will be around 70% production. During the fourth year, an old hen should lay about 60% of her original production.

What Breed of Chickens Lays the Most Eggs Per Year?

Currently, the Australorp Chicken breed holds a record for laying the most eggs per year. 

Therefore, that means that any other breed mentioned above is a strong contender. 

What Chickens Lay 300 Eggs a Year?

Under the list of best chicken breeds for eggs, the chickens that lay 300 eggs or more in a year include;

  • Australorp chicken
  • Leghorn chicken
  • Isa Brown chicken
  • Rhode Island Red chicken
  • Speckled Sussex chicken

Conclusion: 12 Best Chicken breeds for Eggs

With these, you can know the birds to buy if your intention is to get more eggs.

Kindly note that the chicken breeds you get will determine the number of eggs you will get in each production.

Explore the site for other enlightening articles to help you on your farm.


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