Naked neck Chicken – Characteristics, Origin, Breed Info and Lifespan

naked neck chicken breed

If you are looking for a hardy chicken that produces good meat for your backyard poultry, then you should consider the Naked neck chicken.

This breed of chicken meets all of these requirements and there is so much that you can learn about them.

In this article, I have explained their characteristics and other features that make them unique.

You will also find some powerful reasons that will cause you to go for the Naked neck chickens.

So, without further ado, Let’s get into the details of this chicken breed.

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What is a Naked neck Chicken?

You are probably wondering why they are called Naked neck Chickens. 

Indeed your guess is as good as mine.

Just as the name implies Naked neck Chickens are a unique breed of chickens that naturally have no feathers on their neck.

Hence, the name Naked neck.

Literally, the neck of a Naked neck chicken is unbelievably bare.

Just like that of a turkey.

This somewhat unpleasant but distinguishing feature is what you will easily notice at first sight.

And that makes them stand out from all other Chicken breeds.

The Naked neck chickens are standard large dual-purpose birds.

Very perfect for both meat and egg production. 

They are quite interesting and friendly.

Possessing great vigour for foraging.

What is the Origin and History of Naked neck Chickens?

Naked neck chickens are said to have originated from Transylvania.

A town in Romania. But it was majorly developed in Germany. 

They are mostly rare in the United States but common in Europe and widespread in South America.

Interestingly, because of the appearance of this chicken, there is a well-known believable myth that Naked neck chicken is a crossbreed between a Chicken and a Turkey.

This is actually where the name “Turken” or “Churkey” came from. 

However, the UK has addressed that.

This myth has been biologically proven to be untrue.

This “naked neck” feature is a result of the Special Gene they carry.

Also, this special Naked neck trait is controlled by an incompletely dominant allele (Na) found near the middle of chromosome 3.

This trait lowers its body temperature, increases weight gain and feed conversion ratios.

In addition to making it have enough feathers.

naked neck rooster

What are the Characteristics of Naked neck chickens?

Let’s consider the features of the Naked Neck Chickens that make them different. 

1. Naked Neck Chickens have fewer feathers than any other Chicken Breed:

This unique bird has approximately 50% lesser feathers than the other chicken breeds. 

Their necks are bare, vent and bum.

Of course, this baboon like feature makes them stand out from other breeds.

2. Naked neck chickens are not quite egg-ceptional:

You can expect your Naked neck chicken to produce a reasonable amount of eggs for sale and consumption.

They account for about 180 eggs in a year.

Making them not the perfect egglaying breed.

Like the Cochin Chickens.

3. They are really good for quality meat production:

This breed of chickens is meaty and very easy to pluck and process because they carry lesser feathers than other chickens.

The meat produced by Naked neck Chicken is known to have very sweet and excellent taste.

4. The Naked Neck chickens are good foragers:

Naked neck chickens are known to be happy free rangers and good foragers.

What this means is that they love to seek out their own food.

And if given a free hand, they would peck away your vegetation.

5. They are healthier than your average chickens:

That they look fragile at first glance due to the condition of their necks do not mean they are sickly birds. 

In addition, these birds are favourably immune to most chicken diseases.

6. Naked neck chicken are Hardy birds:

These birds can withstand harsh weather conditions despite their little feather collection.

They thrive well in harsh hot weather conditions. 

But are not very good in cold weather conditions.

They require maximum care during these climate changes even though they don’t make a fuss about it.

7. They come in a variety of beautiful colours:

Despite the bizarre appearance of this unique bird, they come in a myriad variety of recognized colours.

Such colours include; black, white, red, buff, blue and cuckoo.

8. It is easy to differentiate between a male and a female Naked neck chicken.

It is very easy to pinpoint a rooster from a hen when it comes to naked neck chicken.

This is so because the bare neck of the roosters are reddish in colour while the bare neck of a hen is pinkish white.

9. They are friendly birds:

Naked neck Chickens are quite entertaining and friendly birds.

This makes them a good candidate for pet consideration. 

They can also serve as great backyard chickens.

Also, they can easily mingle and interact with other chickens/breeds.

10. Naked neck chicken find it very hard to fly:

This breed of chicken with half feathers than other breeds cannot fly.

They do not attempt to fly because it very has great difficulty doing so.

Table summarizing the Naked neck breed information

Skin colourYellow
Egg colourBrown
Comb typeSingle
Especially DocileYes
UseDual-purpose breed
Cold HardinessHardy in winter
Conservation statusNot at risk
Heat ToleranceVery heat tolerant
Also Known As
PersonalityPlacid, friendly, docile and tolerant
Country of originTurkenKaalnekTransylvanian Naked Chicken. 
StandardNaked Neck Chicken
Bears ConfinementBears confinement well 
WeightMale: 3.9kgFemale: 3kg
VarietiesNot known

Why choose Naked neck chickens?

Are these horrific looking birds fit for the farm? 

Well, you may not know until you find out!!!

The following reasons are why you should choose Naked neck chicken.

1. They have great tasty meat:

Naked neck chickens are good meat birds with excellent taste.

Therefore, they are good for table purposes.

And because they have fewer feathers, they are easy to process. 

This makes it very good for commercial purposes.

2. Naked neck chicken are decent egg layers:

These birds will provide you with a reasonable amount of eggs.

They do not lay much when compared with the Australorps and Cochin.

Usually, they just provide enough for adequate feeding and baking 

3. They are exceptional brooders and mothers:

These unique birds are able to make good brood hens.

Also, they are able to raise their chicks well.

They are also known to provide foster care for other chicken breeds.

Just like the Cochin Chickens.

4. The Naked Neck chickens do well in hot weather conditions:

Due to their few feather collections, they have the ability to thrive very well in hot weather conditions.

So, if you live in an area with a hot climate, you would do well to consider this bird.

5.  They come in large sizes:

If you really have a flair for large-sized chickens then Naked neck chicken is for you.

Naked neck chickens are naturally large chickens.

6. Naturally, they have great feed conversion ratio:

Naked neck chickens have high feed conversion ratios.

A high feed ratio refers to the efficiency with which the chicken converts its feed to the desired output.

So, if you really want to see the effect of your feed on your chicken’s body, then Naked neck chicken is your best bet.


What are the disadvantages of having the Naked neck chickens?

Do you want to know why this chicken may not suit your farm?

Here are some reasons that may discourage you from getting this chicken breed.

1. They are not used for ornamental purposes

Because of their ugly appearance, the Naked neck chickens are not used for adding beauty to the homes.

They can’t even go to an exhibition show!!!

2. They lack the capacity to sit on many eggs 

Because Naked neck chickens have half feathers, they are not able to sit on many eggs.

3. They Naked Neck chickens are unable to withstand prolonged harsh winter conditions.

Although Naked neck Chickens can invariably survive in cold weather conditions, their lack of feathers deprives them of the ability to retain internal heat.

This makes them unable to withstand prolonged harsh winter conditions, making them less suitable for very cold regions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Naked neck chickens

1. What is the lifespan of Naked neck chickens?

Naked neck chickens are known to have an average lifespan of about 7 – 8 years when taken good care of.

2. Are Naked neck chickens good for meat?

Of course.

Naked neck chicken is not just only good for meat production but their meat has an exceptional taste.

Trust me, you can’t stop at one bite.

3. Can Naked neck chickens be trained as pets?

Naked neck chickens are very friendly and docile.

This nature makes them very easy to be trained as pets 

Amazingly they are known to be loyal pets and Children will certainly fall in love with them.

4. Are Naked neck chickens good egg layers?

Naked neck chickens are decent egg layers.

They lay a respectable amount of eggs.

Their eggs are medium-sized and are light brown in colour.

5. How often do Naked neck chickens lay eggs?

Naked neck chickens lay approximately 3 – 4 eggs in a week.

Their eggs could sum up to 120 – 180 eggs in a year.

6. What do Naked neck chickens eat to grow big?

Naked neck chickens feed on normal chicken feed just like every other breed.

Due to they have a higher feed conversion ratio, they tend to grow bigger than the other breeds.

As foragers, they are also known to fend for themselves by feeding on your vegetation.

7. How fast do Naked neck chickens grow?

Naked neck chickens tend to grow fast like most other Chicken breeds. 

8. Are Naked neck chickens noisy?

Naked neck chickens can be said to be quirky but not noisy.

They can be ideal backyard chickens even in urban areas.

9. What is the habitat and environment of Naked neck chickens?

Naked neck chickens can efficiently survive in hot temperatures and can easily adapt to your garden size.

They are good free rangers and can easily forage for their own food.

This chicken breed is able to get along well with other Chicken breeds without bickering.


I’m sure thus far you have really learnt a lot about Naked neck Chickens.

So you would readily agree with me that Naked neck chickens are a really amazing and unique breed despite having fewer feathers than other breeds of chicken.

Having seen the awesome features and characteristics of this unique bird we can safely conclude that they are absolutely good for rearing.


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