The Study of Agricultural Crops that Make It Possible to Feed People

A female agronomist specialist examining soil. A typical step in the Study of Agricultural Crops that Make It Possible to Feed People

The study of agricultural crops that make it possible to feed people is now more important than ever.

This is because food insecurity and hunger with malnutrition are persistent problems in the vast majority of developing countries.

As a result, systematic research is being conducted on various crops. In parallel, scientists are also paying more and more attention to genetically modified crops. They are seen as having the potential to reduce the global food shortage.

However, not everything is so straightforward. In addition to the seemingly obvious positive impact, genetically modified crops can kill other organisms that are beneficial to agricultural crops besides pests. This will go on to reduce soil fertility.

The Importance of Student Involvement in the Study of Agricultural Crops

Because of the above, scientists still have a lot of work to do to solve the problem of world hunger. This is a goal that cannot be achieved overnight. However, this goal is extremely important.

Young people who will be future scientists and are now students should also be actively involved in this. Using online help from a pro essay writer, students don’t have to worry they won’t have time to write their next essay. Instead, in the time thus freed up, they can devote themselves to new research and deepen their education in this area.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, about 854 million people in the world are undernourished. This is almost 13 percent of the world’s 6.6 billion people. Many of these 854 million are children. Malnutrition also increases the impact of diseases such as measles and malaria.

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Precision Agriculture

In addition to research and development of genetically modified crops, one of the most promising agricultural research areas is precision agriculture. It involves the use of sensors and other technologies.

The latter are used to collect data on soil conditions and crops. This data is used to further understand how to best manage the soil and crops.

Precision agriculture also helps farmers increase yields, improve soil quality, and reduce waste. Therefore, it makes great sense for students who are future scientists to develop their research in this direction.

Artificial Intelligence

It would be unfair to leave out the possibilities that can be used with artificial intelligence. It can be used to optimize harvest and planting schedules.

It can also identify areas that are best suited for agriculture.

AI can also help farmers reduce their dependence on chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to people and the environment.

Importance of Increasing Agricultural Crops

Over the past 60 years, global agricultural productivity has declined significantly. This was due to the stagnation of crop yields compared to economic growth.

This stagnation was caused by various factors. One of them was the role of human capital. The Green Revolution of the 1960s was a time of rapid agricultural development. Technology and science were used much more actively.

However, the Green Revolution was not successful in developing countries. This is because of limited investment in human capital.

Despite this, the global demand for food is expected to grow by 70% over the next 40 years. This means that to keep up with population growth, crop productivity needs to increase significantly.

Thus, the field of activity for students in this area is quite broad and requires new research and development of plant crops in general.

Maize as One of the Most Important Crops

Along with rice and wheat, corn provides at least 30% of the calories in the diets of nearly 5 billion people in more than 90 developing countries.

It is one of the key ingredients in animal feed. It is also widely used in manufactured products. The growing demand and shortage of corn supply have contributed to the rapid rise in global corn prices.

The problem is further complicated by climate change. Students need to understand and remember that if decisive and concerted actions are not taken to increase yields, there will be a food problem for millions of consumers.

A man and kid holding corn. The Study of Agricultural Crops that Make It Possible to Feed People
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The agricultural sector is fundamental to life on Earth. It provides people with food, fuel, fiber, and livestock with feed. It is equally important for national economies, as it contributes significantly to their trade balance.

For decades now, scientists from all over the world have been working to solve a global problem – food shortages in poor countries and the subsequent dire consequences.

So, this is an area that requires constant further development, mental effort, and work. Students, young scientists, should understand this and realize what an invaluable role they can play in the well-being of humanity if they are actively involved in this area.

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