15 Blue Chicken Breeds [With Pictures]

cochin chicken breed

If you have ever wondered if blue chicken breeds are actually in existence, then the answer is yes.

Surprisingly, they are even more common than you could have ever imagined.

However, Blue chicken breeds come in different shades of blue.

Also, they may not actually come in that specific shade of blue you have in mind.

Nevertheless, these breeds are quite gorgeous and beautiful.

Hence, if you are a lover of color varieties in chickens then this is one color you would easily fall in love with.

Therefore, in this article, we have put together a list of blue chicken breeds you would love to know.

List of Blue Chicken Breeds.

Listed below are 15 common blue chicken breeds you can add to your farm.

  • Blue Ameraucana
  • Blue Australorp
  • Blue Silkies
  • Blue Jersey Giant
  • Blue Bresse Gauloise
  • Blue Sumatra
  • Blue Andalusian
  • Blue Laced Red Wyandotte
  • Blue Cochin
  • Blue Dutch Bantam
  • Blue Rosecomb Bantam
  • Blue Delaware Chicken
  • Blue Plymouth Rock Chicken
  • Rhode Island Blue
  • Blue Copper Maran

#1. Blue Ameraucana:

Decorated with beards and muffs, the Blue Ameraucana chickens are beautiful and classy birds.

This is one outstanding blue chicken that lays blue eggs.

Yes, you read right, if you want to spice up your egg crate with the blue color, then you can go for this breed.

 Despite the fact that they love their space, they are still friendly chickens and get along well with humans.

These blue chicken breeds have additional feathering on their faces and are fun to be with.

Another good thing about them is that they are not noisy, therefore you can raise them in a quiet neighborhood.

#2. Blue Australorp:

The Australorp chicken got its name from its origin.

Back in the 1800s, the Australians did a great job in creating this chicken breed from Orpingtons.

In those days, the Australians desired a bird that laid an excellent amount of eggs. 

Therefore the quest to create one began.

Hence as an excellent egg layer, Australorp represents their success story.

Generally, this chicken breed comes in a variety of colors, but the blue color is one of the most beautiful varieties you can find.

Furthermore, these breeds of blue chickens are quite docile and friendly.

As I mentioned earlier the blue Australorp has an excellent egg-laying capacity.

Furthermore, they produce more eggs than the other Australorp breeds.

You can expect them to lay up to 250 large brown eggs a year.

Therefore, if you are in need of a bird with such capacity, then the blue Australorp chicken is for you.

#3. Blue Silkie:

Basically, the blue Silkie has silkie feathers and is one lovely bird to add to your farm.

In addition to being fluffy birds, they are also melanistic birds with black bones, skin, and meat.

Silkie chickens have their skin fully covered with silkie feathers.

Nevertheless, they are often susceptible to cold. 

Therefore they require special attention during cold weather.

In some places, people believe that the meat of silkie chickens has magical medicinal benefits.

Silkie chickens are not very good egg layers, however, they have a good brooding ability so people often keep them for that purpose.

Nevertheless, they can give you about 100 eggs in a year.

Typically Silkies can sit on any ll until it hatches and will be more than happy to raise them.

Silkies also come in other color varieties such as black, however, the blue Silkie mainly comes in Bantam size.

Lastly, these blue chicken breeds are friendly, hence good as pets, ornamental and exhibition purposes.

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#4. Blue Jersey Giant:

Truly, the name of this blue chicken breed suits its size. 

The Jersey Giant is one of the largest birds in the history of birds. 

Originating from Jersey State it was initially bred for meat. 

However, it became a dual-purpose breed and can easily give you 3 large brown eggs in a week.

In as much as they come in three different colors, the blue breed is a beautiful one.

Despite their size, these blue chicken breeds are gentle, calm, and easy-going and love to forage a lot.

Nevertheless, they tolerate confinement and will make a good family bird.

#5. Blue Bresse Gauloise:

One amazing French breed you should know is the Blue Bresse Gauloise.

Although this bird isn’t a cynosure of all eyes at first glance, it has its upsides.

They are made up of beautiful blue feathers and feet.

Initially, they were bred for both meat and eggs and can lay up to 200 eggs in a year.

 However, today they are raised more for their meat.

Conclusively, the Blue Bresse Gauloise makes an awesome table bird. 

#6. Blue Sumatra:

Originating from the island of Indonesia, the Sumatra chicken is occasionally found in the US.

These blue chicken breeds are neither raised for eggs nor do they do well as table birds.

In fact, they are not the best productive birds you can find.

They are mostly kept for ornamental and exhibition purposes. 

In addition, they don’t do well as pets either, because of their unsociable nature.

Generally, the male breed is larger than the females and has flowing nails.

Although they are not very friendly they carry themselves with a regal demeanor.

#7. Blue Andalusian:

The seventh blue chicken on our list is the Blue Andalusian.

This blue chicken breed is one free breed that loves to roam and hates being confined.

They are a special kind of chicken that does not like to be cuddled, unlike most breeds.

Nevertheless, they are not aggressive birds.

They are quite fluffy with beautiful bluish plumage. 

Basically one can trace their origin back to Andalusia.

Furthermore, even though they are small-bodied, they can lay up to three white eggs in a week.

These amazing chickens do pretty well as adventurers and are not easily prone to diseases.

#8. Blue Laced Red Wyandotte:

If you want to add some color to your flock then you can check out the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte.

These blue chicken breeds are awesome and pretty.

Amazingly they are becoming quite popular each passing day.

Furthermore, these chickens usually have calm and friendly personalities.

They make good dual-purpose breeds.

Moreover, the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte chicken is not just pretty but is also fluffy and big 

They are productive birds and you can rely on them to lay large brown eggs for you.

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#9. Blue Cochin:

cochin chicken breed

These sets of blue chicken breeds are quite cuddly and make good lap chickens. 

They flourish well in an atmosphere of plenty of hugs and kisses.

This breed is one breed you will easily fall in love with.

The Blue Cochins are not prolific egg layers.

However, they can produce two to three medium-sized eggs in a week.

Nevertheless, in recent times most farmers raise them as pets.

Generally, Cochins come in different color varieties, however, the blue Cochins are so sweet and adorable.

Cochins have many feathers from head to toe and love to be cuddled.

Therefore if you are in need of a gorgeous cuddly companion, the blue Cochins are right there for you.

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#10. Blue Dutch Bantam:

Just as the name implies, this blue chicken breed is a small chicken breed.

Unlike Cochins, they are not very cuddly birds but can be quite friendly and docile.

Blue Dutch Bantam can lay up to  150 eggs in a year. 

However, they are not good table birds and may not produce good meat for you. 

In addition, they are great to show and ornamental birds.

These small birds have lovely blue feathers and make good mothers. 

The word bantam is synonymous with chickens that are small. Here is a list of 15 Small Chicken Breeds Perfect for Pets and Homesteading (With Pictures).

#11. Blue Rosecomb Bantam:

The next blue chicken breed on our list is the Blue Rosecomb Bantam.

From their name, you are sure they are small chicken breeds as well.

However, despite their size, this breed has a friendly and docile personality.

Furthermore, They are kept for exhibition purposes.

Nevertheless, they can lay a number of small cream-colored eggs for you.

#12. Blue Delaware Chicken:

The Blue Delaware Chicken is one nice blue chicken breed you should know.

They are great egg layers and can lay up to 200-280 eggs in a year.

These chicken breeds are originally from the US and are mostly raised for meat.

Furthermore, they love to free-range and do not have a docile temperament.

#13. Blue Plymouth Rock Chicken:

The Blue Plymouth Rock Chicken is a dual-purpose breed and an excellent egg layer.

Therefore you can rely on them to lay about 300 eggs in a year.

Basically, they were brought into existence through a crossbreed between Barred Rock and Andalusian Chickens.

Furthermore, they are quite friendly birds and get along well with humans.

These chickens also do well in most weather conditions, this makes them quite easy to raise.

#14. Rhode Island Blue:

Blue Rhode Island chicken

This blue chicken breed was created from Australorp and Rhode Island Red.

They come in multiple of three major colors namely red blue and black.

Basically, they can lay about 250 large brown eggs in a year.

Generally, these blue chickens are peaceful birds and do well in confinement.

#15. Blue Copper Maran:

These blue chicken breeds are very attractive but are not easy to find.

However, they are good chickens.

The Blue Copper Maran are bred from wild game.

Originating from France, the Blue Copper Maran can be found in both standard and bantam sizes.

Furthermore, they can lay about 200 large brown eggs in a year.

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What is the genetics behind blue chicken breeds?

Most blue chicken breeds are blue because of their genetic combination.

Blue chickens are formed when a copy of the black gene is joined with a copy of the splash gene during breeding.

Therefore if a chicken has a black gene and splash gene in its genotype it will have a blue plumage.

However, there are self-blue chickens that naturally breed the blue color.

This particular natural blue color looks a lot like lavender. 

Advantages of Raising Blue Chicken Breeds.

There are many advantages to raising blue chickens. 

Some of these advantages include;

1. Egg-laying capacities:

Not all blue chicken breeds are prolific egg layers. However, most of them lay a decent amount of eggs in a year.

2. Show/ Ornamental purposes 

Blue is a beautiful color and most the blue chicken breeds are a sight to behold. Therefore if you want to add more beauty to your backyard farm, then you may consider raising blue chickens. 

3. Amazing pets

The last advantage on our list is making use of some blue chickens as pets. Blue chicken breeds such as Blue Silkie and Blue Cochin make amazing pets. 

Therefore if you are looking for a chicken pet that is friendly, cuddly, and easily connects with humans. Then you can opt for one of them.


Looking at the above-mentioned blue chicken breeds in this article, you will agree with me that they are great chickens.

Therefore if you want to spice up your backyard poultry, these blue chicken breeds are up for selection.

We hope this article was beneficial to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Chicken Breeds

  1. Where Can I Buy a Blue Chicken Breed?

    Blue Chicken Breeds are available on hatchery sites. You can also purchase them from private sellers. However, you should know that exotic breeds will be more expensive and difficult to find.
    Nevertheless, the common ones can be found where you find other chicken breeds.

  2. What breed of chicken is blue?

    There are more than ten breeds of chicken that are blue. 
    Examples of blue chicken breeds include;
    Blue Ameraucana.
    Blue Australorp.
    Blue Silkies.
    Blue Jersey Giant.
    Blue Bresse Gauloise.
    Blue Sumatra.
    Blue Andalusian.
    Blue Laced Red Wyandotte.
    Blue Cochin.
    Blue Dutch Bantam.
    Blue Rosecomb Bantam.
    Blue Delaware Chicken.
    Blue Plymouth Rock Chicken.
    Rhode Island Blue.
    Blue Copper Maran.
    The above-mentioned breeds of chicken in this article are blue. Take your time and go through them and choose the one that suits you best.

  3. Why are blue chicken breeds blue?

    Most blue chicken breeds are blue because of their genetic combination.
    Blue chickens are formed when a copy of the black gene is joined with a copy of the splash gene during breeding.
    Therefore if a chicken has a black gene and splash gene in its genotype it will have a blue plumage.
    However, there are self-blue chickens that naturally breed the blue color.
    This particular natural blue color looks a lot like lavender.


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