Different Types of Pig Breeds for Pig Farming Business

different types of pig breeds - pig farming business

You may be wondering how many different types of pig breeds are available for pig farming business.

Truly, you are not alone in this research.

Out of curiosity, I launched out to get details of as many pig breeds as I can find.

This article is the outcome of the research.

Having knowledge of the different pig breeds available will position you to make a better decision on what pig breed to rear.

Some pig breeds are best for ham and bacon, while others are for medical experiments.

There are some breeds which are very rare and there are others which are very rampant.

This article will expose you to a whole lot of different types of domestic pig breeds with their pictures.

Would you like to know about the individual characteristics of each of the pigs?

Leave a comment at the end of this post, and in the coming days, I will publish detailed information about each of the pig breeds.

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What are pig breeds?


A pig breed refers to the grouping of domestic pigs according to specific features unique to them. 

The features include having homogeneous appearance (phenotype), and homogeneous behavior.

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Although, there may be other characteristics that distinguish them from other pigs.

How many types of pig breeds are there?

There are quite a large number of different domestic pig breeds (Sus scrofa domesticus) available around the world.

Interestingly, researchers are developing more breeds to meet pig farmers’ pork production needs.

These new pig breeds are known as hybrid, crossbreeds, or improved breeds, having parents of two or more different pig breeds.

How to produce pig crossbreeds

A pig crossbreed is a type of pig breed that comes from mating two different pure breeds thereby introducing into the offspring a gene combination that is different from that existing in the breed of either parent.

Cross-breeding can involve two or more pure breeds, depending on the result you desire. 

The main purpose of cross-breeding domestic pig breeds is to take advantage of the improvement in the performance of the descendants of the pigs above that of either parent. 

Crossbred pigs have some advantages over purebred pigs because of a genetic phenomenon called heterosis (also known as hybrid vigor).

Because of heterosis, most commercial swine producers use crossbred pigs rather than purebreds as market animals. (source)

To produce a good quality crossbreed pig, the parents of the hybrid pig must come from two different pure breeds.

For example, you can cross a pure breed female Hampshire and a pure breed male Duroc to produce an improved breed.

Purebred pigs

Purebred pig is the type of pig that results from mating two purebreds of the same breed. 

The offsprings of purebreds have the same genetic makeup as their parents. 

A major objective of pure-breeding is to identify and propagate superior genes for use in commercial production primarily in crossbreeding programs as well as to propagate and identify superior females for maintaining valuable genetic material. (source)

Furthermore crossbreeding will not be worthwhile unless superior you make use of purebred pigs.

36 types of pig breeds for pig farming business

Pig farming business has become a very popular agribusiness throughout the world.

As a result, there are numerous domestic pig breeds available for different purposes. 

The table below contains some of the popular domestic pig breed available for pig farming business with pictures. 

Name of pig breedsOriginPicture
Angeln SaddlebackGermanyAngeln Saddleback breed
American YorkshireUnited StatesAmerican Yorkshire breed
Arapawa Island pigNew ZealandArapawa Island pig breed
BerkshireUnited KingdomBerkshire pig breed
British SaddlebackUnited KingdomBritish Saddleback type of pig breed
Chato MurcianoSpainchato-murciano types of pig breeds
ChoctawUnited Stateschoctaw hog breed
Danish ProtestGermanyDanish protest types of pig breeds
Duroc United StatesPig of the Duroc breed
Dutch LandraceNetherlandsDutch Landrace Pig breed
EssexUnited KingdomEssex hogs
FengjingChinaFengjing pig breed
Gloucestershire Old SpotsUnited KingdomGloucestershire-Old-Spots-Pigs-agro4africa
HampshireUnited KingdomHampshire-boar-pig-breed
HerefordUnited StatesHereford-boar-pig-breed
Italian LandraceItalyitalian landrace pig breeds agro4africa
KunekuneNew Zealandkunekune pig breeds-agro4africa
LacombeCanadaLacombe pig breeds - agro4africa
Large BlackUnited KingdomLarge black pig breeds - agro4africa
Large WhiteUnited KingdomLarge white pig breeds - agro4africa
MeishanChinaMeishan pigs breeds agro4africa
Middle WhiteUnited Kingdommiddle white pigs breeds agro4africa
Mora RomagnolaItalymora romagnola pigs breeds agro4africa
MulefootGulf Coastmulefoot pig breeds agro4africa
Nero SicilianoItalynero siciliano pig breeds agro4africa
Ossabaw IslandOssabaw IslandOssabaw Island pig breeds agro4africa
Oxford Sandy and BlackUnited Kingdomoxford-sandy-and-black-pig-breeds-agro4africa
Red WattleUnited States Red Wattle hog breeds agro4africa
Swedish LandraceSweden Swedish Landrace pig breed agro4africa
Swabian-HallGermany Swabian-Hall-pig-breeds-agro4africa
TamworthUnited Kingdom Tamworth pig breeds agro4africa
TuropoljeCroatia Turopolje pig breeds agro4africa
WelshUnited KingdomWelsh pig breeds agro4africa
Wessex SaddlebackUnited Kingdomwessex-saddleback-pigs-breed-agro4africa

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