Benefits of Starting a Commercial Pig Farming Business


If you have not started thinking about starting a pig farm, maybe these benefits of commercial pig farming business will spur you to start.

There are so many benefits of pig farming but this article covers some of the most catchy few.

If you have not read my other article on how to start commercial pig farming business you need to follow the link and read it now.

To be successful at commercial pig farming, here is a list of different domestic pig breeds.

So, let’s get started.

Benefits of pig farming

1. Pigs have the advantage of being prolific breeders:

Yes, that’s correct. Commercial pig farming is beneficial due to the fact that pigs are prolific breeders.

A single pig has the capacity to give birth to as much as 10 to 12 piglets in a single birth, making it one of the most reproducing livestock in the world. They can also produce 2 litters/year under ideal pig management practices.

With this kind of reproduction rate, you can be sure of doubling the number of pigs in your farm within a short period of time.

2. Pig Farming is a very Lucrative business in Nigeria

Pig farming in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative and profitable livestock businesses anyone can think of.

Most people who have started the pig rearing business have seen so much success already. 

It’s saddening that despite the huge profits obtainable in owning a Piggery, many Nigerians are still overlooking this goldmine.

While many who engage in pig farming do so as a part-time business, many are ignorant of how it works.

If you can engage in this business fully, you are going to smile your way to the bank very soon. And if you don’t have a bank account yet, read how to open a business account.

See this short pig farming video documentary of a successful pig farmer in Kenya.

Pig Farming Video: Documentary of a Successful Pig Farmer in Kenya

3. Pigs have a faster growth rate

When compared with other livestock in the same category, you will discover that pigs have a faster growth rate.

Fatteners (piglets you’re raising for meat)  can reach marketable weight within six to eight months.

Because of this, you can be very sure of making profits within a short period of time. Of course, with the best pig management practices.

See what these researchers have to say about the growth rate of pigs in this pig farming pdf.

commercial pig farming business 8

4. Pigs have a high food conversion ratio

Pigs have a very high feed conversion ratio/efficiency (FCR/FCE). This means pigs are able to convert more of the food they eat to body flesh and weight.

They have this advantage over any other class of meat-producing animals with the exception of broilers chickens.

Pigs eat almost anything. They feed on forage crops, spent grain from breweries, byproducts of grains from mills, and garbage.

Isn’t it incredible how this animal is able to convert all of this useless stuff into nutritious meat?

Pigs also have processed meals you can purchase in the market too.

5. The setup cost and management of commercial pig farming business are easy.

Another reason why you should consider Pig farming is because it only needs a small investment in buildings and equipment.

The housing for pig is expensive to construct. A plot of land may just be okay to start a small scale piggery

commercial pig farming benefits
When you tell the pigs to say ‘Cheese!’ LOL


6. Pig meat (pork) is in high demand in Nigeria and in Foreign market

Trust me when I say pork sells very fast in the market.  

The best benefit is you can retain almost 70 to 80% the of body weight of pig as meat after butchering.

Since pigs provide red meat which is a good source of protein, it has gained an excellent demand in Nigeria and in the export market too. China alone consumes over 50% of global pork production. So, you can see the high foreign demand.

Apart from providing red meat, Pork is very tasty too. I urge you to a bite soon. Thank me later.

Pork is very nutritious when it has high fat and low water content. It has a better energy value than any other meat. It is also rich with vitamins such as Thiamine, niacin, and riboflavin and is the world’s most consumed meat.

7. Commercial Pig products

If you are into commercial pig farming, you will benefit from producing several pig products or sell to producers.

Apart from meat, there are other products gotten from pigs.

They include; pig fat, skin, hair, and bones used to make some luxury items.

The chemical industries have an increasing demand for pig fat. This is because, it is used for the production of paints, soaps and other chemical products.

In addition, other processed pig byproducts like ham, bacon, sausages, lard, pork (meat) have good market worldwide.

benefits of Commercial pig farming business
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7. Commercial pig farming in Nigeria creates employment

Commercial pig farming in Nigeria can create employment and help the financially weaker sections/communities.

Pig farm managers, cleaners, veterinary doctors, drivers, etc. are required to run the piggery efficiently.

This creates employment for the local dwellers and contributes to the national economy.

9. Pig dungs from pig farms are used as manure.

Another amazing benefits of big farming is that pigs produce manure commonly used for fertilizing crops and fish ponds.

A farmer who keeps pigs and plant crops as well can use the manure from pigs to fertilize his farm.

The manure from the pig will improve the nutrient of the soil and make it suitable for crops like maize or okra to yield bountifully.

The importance of pig farming can never be overemphasized. I hope this article spurs you to start enjoying pig farming profits.

If you love this information on this page, please share with someone else to spur the need to start a pig farm.

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Benefits of commercial pig farming business

Here is the summary of the benefits of commercial pig farming in Nigeria;

  1. Pigs have the advantage of being prolific breeders:
  2. Pig Farming is a very lucrative business in Nigeria
  3. Pigs have a faster growth rate
  4. Pigs have a high food conversion ratio
  5. The setup cost and management of commercial pig farming business are easy.
  6. Pig meat (pork) is in high demand in Nigeria and in Foreign market
  7. Commercial Pig products
  8. Commercial pig farming in Nigeria creates employment
  9. Pig dungs from pig farms are used as manure.

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  1. Great! But may I still ask for further clarification,I want to start up. Could you update me with cost of vital Pig Farming Equipments in Nigeria? Secondly,what are Pig farming products/services and possible prices?


  2. I want to start a pig farm. The building is ready. What is the best breed to rear and what feed ration is good for the production?

    1. Mbazu Chibuzor says:

      Large white is very popular. Landrace, Hampshire, and Duroc are also good breeds for starting a pig farm.

    2. Mbazu Chibuzor says:

      Hello Samuel,

      Great to hear that you’d like to start a pig farm.

      You can start with the large white.

      It’s the most popular I’ve seen around.

      Landrace, and Duroc too.

      As for the feeding, pig will always convert all the food you feed them to body flesh, so feed them well.


    Please, I will be happy if you can add me on WhatsApp or Facebook. I am into pig farming but not into it to that extent, and I also want to know more about the high demand of fat in the market.

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