17 Largest Chicken Breeds in the World (With Pictures)


Generally, different chicken breeds come in different sizes and shapes.

Nevertheless, for the purpose of this article, we will take a look at the 17 largest chicken breeds in the world.

Invariably, large chickens yield bigger meat and eggs for consumption.

For this reason, raising large chicken breeds on your farm isn’t a bad idea.

Therefore, if you are considering brooding large chickens for greater yield, here is a good list to choose from.

The 17 Largest Chicken Breeds with pictures

Listed below are the 17 largest chicken breeds in the world.

#1. Jersey Giant

jersey giant black chicken
  • Purpose: Dual purpose (Eggs and Meat)
  • Temperament: Friendly and Relaxed
  • Maximum Size: 15lbs

Just as the name implies the Jersey Giant Chicken is indeed a Giant Chicken. 

It stands out as one of the largest chicken breeds you will ever find. 

Furthermore, these chicken breeds were initially bred in New Jersey for their size. 

Amazingly, apart from being a weighty bird the Jersey Giant Chicken also has some height.

Despite their size, they are quite mellow and friendly and make excellent pets. 

Nevertheless, they are raised for both meat and egg production. 

If you are an egg lover then you will definitely fall in love with Jersey Giant’s large brown eggs.  They lay up to 150 – 200 eggs in a year.

#2. Brahma 

how big is the brahma chicken
  • Purpose: Dual purpose (Meat and eggs)
  • Temperament: Docile
  • Maximum Size: 10lbs

Popularly known for its size, Brahma is one great chicken to add to your backyard coop. 

They enjoy confinement but can also be raised in free-range as well. Moreover, they are quite friendly in nature and can also lay up to 300 eggs in a year.

If you live in a code climate then Brahma could be the right choice for you. 

Because they are cold hardy birds and can easily survive in cold weather conditions.

#3. Barred Rock

barred rock largest chicken breed
  • Purpose: Egg production
  • Temperament: Friendly
  • Maximum Size: 7lbs
  • Price of Barred Rock in dollars:

Mostly bred for their egg-laying ability, Barred Rock Chickens are a beautiful breed to behold.

They date as far back as the 1700s and are a classic American breed.

Both rooster and hen have friendly personalities, therefore you can easily get along with them. 

Moreover, their friendly and outgoing personality makes it possible for them to be great pets.

Barred Rock Chickens can produce up to 280 eggs in a year, which is about four large eggs in a week.

#4. Cochin

cochin chicken breed
  • Purpose: Dual purpose (meat and eggs)
  • Temperament: Affectionate and easy to tame.
  • Maximum Size: 5lbs

Cochins are quite friendly and cuddly chickens, that will most certainly make an excellent pet.

Apart from being friendly, it does well in both meat and egg production.

You can expect a Cochin to lay at least 160 eggs in a year.

Furthermore, apart from being one of the largest chicken breeds, it is also a lovely sight to behold.

They love being fed, are easily tamed, and also love to be cuddled. 

Because they are quite easy to tame, Cochins will spice up your backyard farm and give desirable benefits.

#5. Cornish 

Cornish large chicken breed
  • Purpose: Meat production
  • Temperament: Docile 
  • Maximum Size: 10lbs

The fifth chicken on our list is the Cornish chicken known to have originated from Cornwall in the UK.

These Chickens do really well in foraging for their own food.

They are docile in nature and may only turn hostile when pushed to the wall by other breeds.

Furthermore, these chicken breeds are not excellent egg layers and are not mostly bred for such purposes.

#6. Orpington

buff orpington chicken
  • Purpose: Dual purpose ( eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: calm
  • Maximum Size: 10lbs

The Orpington chicken is also one of the largest chicken breeds in the world. 

These chicken breeds are quite calm and polite in nature.   

And regardless of their size, they do pretty well in confinement.

In addition, they are raised for the purpose of producing both meat and eggs.

Literally, everyone loves a large chunk of meat on their plates. 

And Orpington chicken will certainly give you that. 

Furthermore, they can also give you a decent amount of 280 medium-sized light brown eggs per year.

Despite their large size, they are easy to manage. 

Also, the Orpington chicken comes in a variety of beautiful colors including; black, white, buff, blue, etc. Nevertheless, these color variants do not necessarily affect their size.

Most times they go broody and love to raise their young.

#7. Maline 

maline chicken breed
  • Purpose: Dual purpose ( eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: Docile 
  • Maximum Size: 12lbs

The Maline chicken originated in Belgium in the 19th century. 

They are calm, docile, and friendly in nature. 

Although they are not common they stand out as one of the largest chicken breeds in the world.

They are also beautiful with cuckoo patterned feathers which makes it hard to distinguish male from female.

Maline chicken can lay up to 150 large brown eggs in a year.

#8. Malay

malay chicken is one of the largest chicken breeds in the world.
  • Purpose: Ornamental purposes
  • Temperament: Aggressive
  • Maximum Size: 9lbs

Apart from its size, the Malay chicken breed also stands out as one of the tallest chicken breeds in the world.

Weighing about 9lbs, they can grow about 30 inches tall which is quite taller than the average chicken.

Furthermore, they are made up of thick bones and are not too bad for meat. 

Although Malay chickens can lay eggs, they are not considered excellent egg layers. 

However, being a rare breed they are mostly kept for ornamental purposes.

One thing to take note of is their aggressive nature.

Yes, you read well, Malays can be quite aggressive and therefore cannot make good pets for kids.

#9. Langshan

  • Purpose: Dual purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: Resilient
  • Maximum Size: 9.5lbs
  • :

One of the largest chicken breeds in the world with beautiful feathered feet is the Langshan chicken. Originally, they come from China but came into the United States around the 19th century.

They are known to be great foragers and love free-range. Therefore, finding food for themselves is not much of a challenge. Hence, they require enough space to roam. 

They are quite friendly and lay about 180 eggs in a year.

Most importantly these chickens are hardy to most weather conditions. 

So no matter the climate condition you live in, an Orpington chicken will definitely do well.

#10. Dong Tao

dong-tao-chicken or dragon chicken
  • Purpose: Meat production
  • Temperament: Good-natured and Trusting
  • Maximum Size: 12lbs

Dong Tao are large birds that weigh around 12lbs.

They are very rare and considered to be a threatened chicken breed.

Originating from Vietnam, they have the most awkward appearance to look at. 

Dong Tao also has large feet and legs that can trample heavily on their eggs causing them to break.

Hence they are neither used for ornamental purposes nor for egg-laying. 

However, due to their large size, they can be used for meat production.

#11. Rhode Island Red

  • Purpose: Dual purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: Hardy
  • Maximum Size:  9lbs

Just as the name implies Rhode Island Reds originate from the Rhode islands. 

They have a beautiful appearance that make them useful for ornamental and show purposes. 

Nevertheless, Rhode Island Reds are mostly reared for the purpose of meat and egg production.

This breed is known to have quite tasty meat and can lay up to 200-300 brown eggs in a year.

As hardy birds they tolerate both cold and hot climate conditions well.

This makes them easy to cater to.

However, if you are looking for a broody breed then Rhode Island Red isn’t for you.

#12. Delaware

Delaware chicken breed
  • Purpose: Dual purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: easygoing
  • Maximum Size: 8lbs

The Delaware chicken is one of the awesome largest chicken breeds in the world. 

This breed makes a great dual-purpose breed for backyard farmers. They can produce up to 280 eggs in a year. 

Furthermore, they are easygoing birds and are relatively friendly.

Unlike Rhode Island Red they go broody and know how to take care of their chicks.

#13. Australorp

Australorp chicken
  • Purpose: Dual purpose (eggs and meat) 
  • Temperament: Hardy and Docile
  • Maximum Size: 10lbs
  • :

Another popular hardy bird is the Australorp chicken. 

This chicken originates from Australia and is closely related to the Orpington chicken.

If you are looking for an excellent egg layer then you can opt for the Australorp chicken. 

These chickens lay approximately 300 eggs in a year. 

In addition, they are also great foragers and can find food for themselves if left to roam.

#14. New Hampshire Red 

the new hampshire chicken breed
  • Purpose: Dual purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: Hardy and Aggressive
  • Maximum Size: 9lbs

The next largest chicken breed on our list is the New Hampshire Red chicken. 

Its structure is broad and deep, and it also has a sturdy look.

This chicken is a relatively new breed and is bred to mature quickly. Annually, the New Hampshire Red chicken can lay up to 200 brown eggs for you.

Although they can be aggressive, their hens are known to go broody and protect their young. 

Therefore If you are looking for a broody hen you can opt for the New Hampshire Red chicken.

#15. Araucana

characteristics of araucana chickens being rumpless or having no tail
  • Purpose: Dual purpose ( eggs and meat)
  • Temperament:  Quiet, calm, and docile
  • Maximum Size: 6.5lbs

Araucana chicken is an amazing breed of the largest chickens in the world. 

It has a calm, docile and quiet nature and can do well both in confinement and free-range.

Araucanas lay about 250-280 medium-large blue-green eggs in a year. 

One outstanding thing about this breed is the broody nature of the hen. 

However, apart from egg laying they are also used for meat production and are known to grow fast.

Learn more about the Araucana chicken breeds by reading this article about Araucana Chicken Breed Characteristics, Origin, and Lifespan.

#16. Sussex

Buff sussex chicken breed
  • Purpose: Dual purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: Calm and Docile
  • Maximum Size: 9lbs

Also one of the largest chicken breeds in the world, Sussex makes a great dual-purpose breed.  This chicken breed is mostly calm and docile in nature.

Furthermore, in Australia and UK, the Sussex chicken is a popular table bird.

Their hens lay about 250 large-sized eggs in a year.

These eggs are brown to pink in color.

Furthermore, their hens are known for going broody and taking care of their chicks.

#17.  Wyandotte

Golden-Laced-Wyandotte-Standard chicken with her chicks
  • Purpose: Dual purpose (eggs and meat)
  • Temperament: calm, docile, and friendly
  • Maximum Size: 6.5lbs
  • :

Wyandotte chicken is the last large chicken on our list. 

Founded in North America in 1883 these birds are excellent birds in and out.  

Its plumage is lovely and unique and they are generally docile and friendly in nature.

They come in a variety of colors such as silver penciled, Golden laced

and blue. 

As a dual-purpose breed, it is mostly bred for eggs and meat. 

In addition, these birds can be adventurous and bold. 

Nevertheless, their hens are great mothers and take good care of their chicks. 

Learn more about the Wyandotte chickens in this article: Wyandotte Chicken – Characteristics, Origin, Breed Info, and Lifespan

What is the biggest chicken in the world in Guinness record?

The heaviest breed of chicken in the Guinness world record is a White Sully Rooster called Weirdo. The chicken weighed 22lbs.

It is a hybrid of large Rhode Island Reds and other varieties developed by Grant Sullens of West Point, California, USA.

Weirdo is a strange name for a chicken and by now you are wondering why it bears such a name.

I’ll answer that too.

This super large chicken was called Weirdo because of its aggressive and unusual behavior.

As a chicken, it has really done things an average chicken wouldn’t do, such as killing a cat and plucking out the eyes of a dog.

At this weight of about 22lbs Weirdo is officially the largest chicken in the world.

What is the average price of chickens for sale in the US

Below is the list of hatcheries that you can find online in the US and the prices of Jersey chicken from each hatchery.

HatcheryPrice of chicken
Meyer hatchery$3.24
Cackle hatchery$3.05
Hoover’s hatchery$3.21
Murray McMurray hatchery$3.90
Welp Hatchery$3.78
Chickens for Backyards$3.95
Purely Poultry$4.82
My Pet Chicken$3.25
California Hatchery$3.99
Townline Hatchery$4.20


You can always choose from the 17  largest chicken breeds in the world you have read about in this article.

Each of them is unique and has different purposes. 

But most importantly they are no small chickens.

Therefore making a choice depends on your preference, and your farm size, we hope this article helps you to choose well.

The ball is now in your court, thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. How much does the largest chicken weigh?

    The largest chicken in the World Guinness record weighed about 22lbs.

  2. What is the largest chicken you can buy?

    The Jersey Giant chicken is the largest chicken you can buy. It is known to weigh about 13 pounds.

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