12 Amazing Red Chicken Breeds (With Pictures)

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Are you looking for some red chicken breeds to spice up your farm? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

Invariably, different chicken breeds come in a variety of amazing colors.

Some of these beautiful colors include white, brown, blue, black, red, lavender, etc.

Nevertheless, in this article, we are only going to take a good look at the red chicken breeds.

If you would love to raise these breeds, then here is a good list you can choose from.

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List of Red Chicken Breeds.

Below is a list of 12 beautiful red chicken breeds you could use to add color to your flock.

Here we have carefully outlined beautiful characteristics that will interest you.

Furthermore, we have also answered some frequently asked questions about red chicken breeds.

Therefore in order to get the best from this post, stay glued and enjoy your reading.

Let’s go!

Our list of Red Chicken Breeds includes;

  1. Rhode Island Red
  2. New Hampshire Red
  3. Red Star
  4. Isa Brown
  5. Production Reds
  6. Derbyshire Redcap
  7. Red leghorn
  8. Welsummer
  9. Red Cochin
  10. Whiting True Green
  11. Red Frizzle Cochin Bantam
  12. Nankin Bantam

#1.  Rhode Island Red


The Rhode Island Red is a popular red chicken breed in the United States.

They are well known for their beautiful deep red color.

Furthermore, they have a red single comb or rose comb, blacktails, and red markings on their toes and shanks.

Indeed the Rhode Island Red is a true definition of a red chicken breed.

They mostly weigh about 6-9 pounds.

These breeds are good for beginners because they are quite easy to raise.

Therefore, if you are looking for a red chicken for your backyard farm then the Rhode Island Red is perfect for you.

In addition to good meat, they lay large brown eggs and are considered excellent egg layers.

This breed can lay about 180-300 eggs annually.

This makes them very good dual-purpose breeds for farmers.

Also, they are hardy birds therefore they do well in most weather conditions.

#2. New Hampshire Red

the new hampshire chicken breed

This chicken is another nice red chicken breed to rear on your backyard farm.

Although this breed is very similar to the Rhode Island Red they are two different breeds.

The New Hampshire Red has a slightly darker color.

Also, they can be quite friendly too and may make great pets.

However, sometimes the roosters can be quite aggressive to other chicken breeds.

Therefore, because of its tendency to be aggressive humans should ensure they are handled carefully.

These red chicken breeds usually weigh about  7-8 lbs.

Interestingly they are also good egg layers and they make good meat too.

This breed can lay up to 150 to 200 large brown eggs in a year.

Furthermore, these amazing birds are also quite hardy and can survive different temperatures whether hot or cold.

#3. Red Star

red star chicken

The Red Star Chicken is the third red chicken breed on our list.

It is a sex-linked crossbreed created by breeders for both meat and eggs.

They are also known as the cinnamon queens and are quite similar to the ISA Brown chicken.

These birds have beautiful red feathers.

Generally, they are great dual-purpose birds.

Farmers mostly raise them for both egg and meat production.

They are also hardy birds and do well in both cold and hot temperatures.

These birds are productive and can make great birds for backyard poultry.

#4. ISA Brown

isa brown chicken

The ISA Brown chicken has a brown to reddish color and it’s made up of lighter feathers underneath.

They are mostly bred for egg production.

You can count on ISA Brown to lay up to 300 to 350 medium brown eggs in a year.

These birds are also known for their hardy and easy-going nature.

The roosters weigh about 6 lbs while the hens weigh about 5 lbs.

Nevertheless, these birds make great family pets for both children and adults.

They are very loving and quiet, and you will find their calm nature very endearing.

However, they can be a victim of bullying by other aggressive birds.

Therefore if you own one, you should always endeavor to protect them from such danger.

#5. Production Reds

This red chicken breed is another sex-linked red chicken breed on our list. 

Interestingly, they are a product of crossbreeding between Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire Red.

They were created majorly for egg-laying purposes.

Interestingly, they can lay up to 300 large brown eggs annually.

They weigh about 7-9 pounds.

Although they were created majorly for egg production you can also raise them for meat.

Therefore this makes them a dual-purpose breed.

#6. Derbyshire Redcap

The Derbyshire Redcap chicken originates from the United Kingdom.

It is a medium-sized dual-purpose breed used for both egg and meat production.

Derbyshire Redcap hens can lay up to 200 large white eggs in a year.

These birds are known to be hardy and they love to free-range.

Furthermore, they weigh about 6-7.5lbs.

In addition, they are active birds and do well as foragers.

However, these birds are rarely broody. 

Therefore if you are looking for a broody red chicken I’ll advise you to look elsewhere.

Nevertheless, they are strong and hardly susceptible to diseases.

#7. Red Leghorn

red leghorn chicken

Have you ever seen an elegant red chicken with charisma before?

If your answer is no, then allow me to introduce you to the Red Leghorn.

The Red Leghorn chickens are gorgeous and handsome birds with graceful appearance.

Their appearance mostly comes with a majestic and regal composure.  

Originating from Tuscany in Italy, the Red Leghorn found its way to America in the early 1800s.

These birds have deep red plumage, red wattles, yellow legs, yellow skin, and white ears. 

Furthermore, they are also made up of a single comb or rose comb.

Generally, they are active and intelligent birds that love to forage.

In addition to their beauty, they are great egg layers.

Therefore you can count on them to produce about 280-300 eggs in a year.

However, these birds have thin bodies that are not suitable for meat production.

Therefore they are better used as show birds and bred for egg production.

These awesome birds are also hardy and can thrive in both hot and cold climates.

#8. Welsummer

The Welsummer chicken is one of the red chicken breeds in the world.

It originated from a town called Welsum in Holland.

Nevertheless, in recent times Welsummer is known as a popular backyard chicken all over the world.

Basically, they are a medium-sized breed and can weigh up to 5-6lbs.

These birds get along well with other breeds and are also friendly to humans.

Although they have an easy-going temperament, these birds can be quite noisy especially when offended.

They make loud squawking sounds whenever they are in discomfort.

However, one good thing about them is their capacity to lay about 160 dark brown eggs in a year.

Nevertheless, if you want a broody red hen then you shouldn’t raise only Welsummer on your farm

This is because you will definitely need other hens to hatch their eggs.

#9. Red Cochin Bantam

red cochin

Just as the name implies, the Red Cochin Bantam is a small-sized chicken that weighs about 1-2lbs

They are calm in nature and have deep red feathers.

These birds are mostly awesome show birds and backyard chickens.

Despite the fact that they are small in size, they are good egg layers.

You can rely on a Red Cochin Bantam to produce up to 200 small brown eggs in a year.

These birds are so adorable and loveable with fluffy feathers, red wattles, and earlobes.

They are easy to make friends with and therefore can make wonderful family pets.

However, these birds need special care and attention.

Leaving them wet is such a bad idea as this can make them fall sick.

Furthermore, these amazing little red chickens are known for their broodiness.

They love to sit on their eggs and produce new chicks.

Therefore if you are looking for a broody red chicken then you can opt for the Red Cochin Bantam.

#10. Whiting True Green

You may be wondering why this chicken is called Whiting True Green instead of Whiting True Red.

Don’t wonder much, you are about to find out.

The Whiting True Green is a hybrid breed developed by Dr. Tom Whiting a poultry geneticist.

These birds’ genes come from the ISA Brown chicken, therefore they are good egg layers.

One outstanding thing about them is that they lay green eggs.

At this point, I’m sure you have gotten an idea of where their name emanated from.

Although they lay green eggs, these birds are still reddish in color with white earlobes and yellow legs.

Furthermore, these red chicken breeds are not broody but can be docile and friendly.

They lay about 300 large green eggs in a year.

Amazingly these birds do not need much feed in order to produce an excellent number of green eggs.

Therefore if you are looking for chickens to raise chicken for their egg-laying capability then the Whiting True Green is an option for you.

However, these chickens are on the smaller side weighing about 4-7lbs.

#11. Red Frizzle Cochin Bantam

Another gorgeous little red chicken breed is the Red Frizzle Cochin Bantam.

These chickens are eye candy and have a dark red frizzled feathering.

Their frizzled outlook is so cute and adorable but makes them more prone to cold.

Therefore these birds require extra care and attention in cold climates so as not to freeze to death.

Furthermore, due to their small size, they are not ideal for meat production.

They are not excellent layers either, however, they are able to produce small brown eggs.

Most farmers raise this chicken breed either as pets or for exhibition purposes.

#12. Nankin Bantam

Nankin chicken

The last but not the least red chicken breed on our list is the Nankin Bantam.

This Bantam chicken breed is a small but hardy chicken.

They are calm and gentle in nature and are often broody as well.

In history, they are one of the oldest Bantam chickens and are mostly raised for ornamental purposes.

Furthermore, the Nankin Bantam is a true bantam breed which means it doesn’t have any large counterpart.

Because of its broody nature, you can easily trust the Nankin hen to hatch their eggs and eggs of other breeds.

Because of their calm and docile temperament, these birds make good backyard pets.


We have come to the end of this article on amazing red chicken breeds you should know.

If you actually read to this point, a big thumbs up to you.

Truly, you can see from our list of red chicken breeds that these colorful chickens are adorable.

Therefore, whether you want a beautiful red pet or a decent egg layer, you can find them in our amazing list of red chicken breeds.

However, you need to ensure you take good care of them.

We hope this article helps you to make a great choice.

If this post was beneficial to you, then you then kindly let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Red Chicken Breeds

  1. #1. What color of Eggs do Red Chickens lay?

    From the attributes of the red chickens in this article, we can see that red chickens lay a variety of eggs.However just as the eggs come in different sizes they also have different colors.The color of these eggs ranges from white to light cream, brown, green, etc, depending on the particular chicken.Nevertheless, none of the red chickens in this article are known for producing red eggs.

  2. What are Red Chickens Good For?

    Different red chickens are good for different purposes.Some such as the Rhode Island Red and Whiting True Green are excellent egg layers.However other breeds such as the Nankin Bantam are raised for ornamental purposes.Nevertheless, many red chicken breeds make excellent family pets and are fun to be with.Also, some are dual-purpose breeds raised for both meat and eggs.Nevertheless, in this article, you can also find red chicken breeds that are very broody and are used to hatch both their eggs and eggs of other chicken breeds.


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