Top 10 Garlic Companion Plants


Garlic Companion Plants And Crops: If you want to have a great garlic farm you have to adopt companion planting.  

At this point I’m sure you’re asking the following questions;

  • What are companion plants?
  • How do I know which companion plant to grow on my garlic farm?
  • Where do I start?

Companion plants and crops are one way to grow your farm organically and still have the best results.

If you’ve never heard of companion planting, then you have to consider this piece with utmost care.

In this article, we have come up with the best plants you can plant alongside garlic plants often known as the king of herbs for them to grow well.

Also, we have answered many questions regarding this gardening tip. But before that keep in mind that you will have to compost as the season goes on.

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What are Companion Plants?

Companion planting came into existence as a way to reduce pests and some plant diseases as well as help the plants grow in a natural way.

These plants known as companion plants are strategically placed near or adjacent to one another. 

If you’re a Gardener, companion planting is one of the things that makes gardening a great experience. Take a look at How To Start A Garden From Scratch.

Many organic gardeners and farmers often plant Companion crops in a way that allows mother nature to do all the hard work.

Mother nature in turn uses these plants as a tool and makes the farmers avoid using heavy chemical pesticides. 

This gave amazing results. As a result, the use of planting companion plants became an easy way to deter pests from the garden and also created a balanced ecosystem.

All plants have their own companion plants. However, some plants can be companion plants to others.

For instance, garlic is a companion plant but in this piece, we are to be looking at the companion crops of garlic plants.


What Do I Need To Plant Companion Plants?

Regardless of how modernized farming has become, the use of organic methods is one natural way to make gardening or farming easier without artificial synthesis.

Companion planting is one such way.

If you’re a farmer wondering why this strategy is a needful process in farming, take a look at the following reasons.

  • Companion crops have natural pest-deterring properties that nearby plants benefit from. 
  • Also, neighbor plants like it’s also called help to boost the soil’s nutrient level. 
  • In addition to that, companion plants can solve the vaccination puzzle that comes with plant diseases.
  • Lastly, these plants help the plants grow organically without the risk of the effect of pesticides and their likes.

Garlic As A Companion Plant.

As I earlier stated, garlic can be a companion as well as a normal plant. It all depends on how you want to use it.

Garlic (Allium sativum) is a great companion for many plants because it’s small, repels pests and diseases, and offers a pungent flavor and odor.

The odor itself wads off some pests.

Garlic is a dual-purpose plant in this case scenario. It benefits a wide array of plants.

Benefits of Garlic To The Farm.

#1. Garlic is a Pest Repellant:

Its strong aroma works as a great natural pest repellent for plants.

What this means is that you can cultivate garlic near plants you want to protect.

Aphids don’t find it blissful staying close to a garlic plant. Also garlic wards off unwanted invaders such as;

  • Snails
  • Ants
  • Aphids
  • Deer Rabbits
  • Spider mites
  • Japanese beetles
  • Fungus Gnats
  • Cabbage Loopers

#2. Garlic is Fungicidal:

Garlic is a natural fungicide that helps protect your plants from all kinds of fungus and mold diseases. 

Some of these diseases that garlic protects your plants from include;

  • Verticillium wilt
  • Damping-off disease
  • Blight, among others.

Top 10 Plants That Benefits From Garlic

Here are some varieties of plants that benefit greatly from having garlic as a close-door neighbor!

#1. Pepper:

Companion plants such as garlic benefit pepper. Garlic helps to feed nutrients through the soil where pepper is planted.

Although both have different planting needs, garlic enjoys cool temperatures while peppers need heat.

To salvage the situation, planting a triple row of garlic, with peppers around the edges will come to the rescue.

#2. Eggplant:

Garlic protects the young eggplant while it grows. However, for this arrangement to work, you have to adopt the pepper strategy. 

Also, you have to harvest the garlic before the eggplants grow too large and the plants begin competing for space. 

#3. Spinach:

There are not many Vegetables that partner well with Garlic and Spinach.

For these companion plants to enjoy each other’s benefits, you have to plant the spinach seeds in double rows with garlic in the middle.

#4. Cucumber:

Garlic boosts nutrient levels in cucumbers. Also, it aids cucumber’s growth. 

Both are Easy Vegetables To Grow All Year Round In Pots.

Garlic increases the calcium, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and manganese levels in the soil.

The more garlic bulbs were planted, the better the results.

#5. Potatoes:

Potatoes are one of the plants that benefit from garlic. 

You will have to plant your potatoes first before planting garlic bulbs.

#6. Carrots:

Garlic plants repel pests such as root maggots and carrot flies that love feasting on carrots.

Carrots are one of those plants that benefit from garlic.

#7. Beets:

Garlic boosts the flavor and growth of beets.

Unlike most companion plants, Beets and garlic planted close to each other benefit mutually. 

Both keep the leafhoppers, worms and flying pests away. 

To have better results, you can grow onions, garlic, and beets together.

#8. Tomatoes:

Garlic in a Tomato farm helps to repel red spider mites from the plants. 

If you have carrots in your garden, ensure you do not plant garlic and tomatoes near the carrots. 

This trio combination is disastrous to the carrot plants. Carrots will not grow as large as they should if there are tomatoes planted nearby.

Find out more about the Best Things To Plant In A Garden.

#9. Fruit Trees (all):

All fruit trees benefit from garlic. 

When garlic is planted among fruit trees, it helps to repel pests who enjoy eating fruits, such as strawberries, peaches, raspberries, or any type of fruit tree.

Besides that, garlic also repels peach borers. 

Planting both fruit trees and garlic is easier because both grow from cuttings.

#10. Strawberries:

Last on our list of plants that benefit from garlic as a companion plant is strawberries.

Garlic is a companion plant to strawberries. It helps to reduce spider mites on strawberries.

To get better results, you have to plant garlic with strawberries in the middle row for years.

These plants are not companion plants for garlic rather garlic is their companion plant.


9 Great Cabbage Family Vegetable Plants That Benefit From Garlic.

Companion planting between garlic and cabbage is ideal for protecting cabbage vegetables from pests such as;

  • Loopers.
  • Cabbage worms
  • Diamondback moths

Cabbage has the same lifespan as garlic. If you’re planning both Companion crops at the same time, both crops will mature at the same time.

There are many varieties of cabbage vegetables that benefit from garlic plants.  

These combinations are very popular in veggie gardens. However, you need to know How To Prepare Soil For Planting Vegetables if you’re going to get the best results in planting garlic and cabbage vegetables.

Some of the cabbage vegetables that benefit from garlic include; 

  • Kale
  • Radishes
  • Broccoli
  • Kohlrabi
  • Cauliflower
  • Chamomile
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Chinese Cabbage

Cultivating chamomile and garlic together is an effective approach for boosting the flavor and growth of any cabbage family vegetable. 

Also, Onions and garlic planted together will also benefit brassicas because they repel pests.

See How To Grow Onion

Top 10 Garlic Companion Plants.

Garlic has some best friends. 

If you are a farmer who wants to plant garlic and wants to know the best companion crops to plant alongside this plant, then you will find that here.

But first, you need to know Gardening Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Because Garlic is a Vegetable, these Gardening Tips For Vegetables will help you know how best to raise garlic plants.

If you want to plant indoors, Indoor Vegetable Gardening For Beginners and the use of Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening For Beginners will guide you on your gardening journey.

Now let’s take a look at some companion crops to grow alongside garlic.

For clarity, we have categorized them according to their Nature.

Plants that Assist Garlic

These are plants that garlic benefits from.

#1. Rue:

Rue is an old-fashioned herb that is mostly used for medicinal purposes. 

This garlic companion plant has a strong scent that repels cats, dogs, and Japanese beetles. 

While it repels these pests, it attracts beneficial pollinators like butterflies. 

Rue as a companion plant for garlic drives out maggots and beetle larvae away from your soil.

#2. Chamomile:

Chamomile next to a garlic plant improves its flavor and deters pests like aphids, thrips, or mealybugs. 

Besides benefitting garlic, Chamomile is also a great home cure for anxiety.

#3. Summer Savory:

Summer savory is often found in herb gardens. This plant is one of the garlic companion plants that help it grow well.

#4. Yarrow:

Yarrow attracts beneficial pollinators like bees and helpful pest-eating insects to the garlic plant. 

If your garden or farm has tomatoes, melons, basil, lavender, thyme, oregano, and spinach, this is the companion plant that serves all these plants.

Perfect Flower Companion Plants for Garlic

Flowers make good companion plants for garlic although the relationship between the ornamental plants and garlic is mutual.

The list of flowers that make good companion plants to garlic includes;

#5. Roses:

Roses are one of the Best Flowers To Grow In A Garden

A combination of roses and garlic is a great way to help prevent diseases and repel pests like snails, aphids, ants, and more from the flowers.

Also, garlic produces tiny white and purple flowers as they grow, this adds color to the garden as well as makes the rose plants appear more gorgeous.

#6. Marigolds:

Companion planting garlic with flowers like marigolds is perfect for repelling pests beneath and above the ground. 

Marigolds planted alongside garlic are a great combination that keeps or reduces aphids from your garden.

Also, when you pair these two alongside raspberries, the effect becomes higher.

#7. Geraniums:

Geraniums benefit garlic plants when planted as companion plants.

These flowers attract beneficial ladybugs to the garden which is in favor of garlic plants.

In turn, Garlic can help repel a wide array of pests from your geranium flowers.

It goes as far as keeping snakes away from your garden. Also, if you planted pepper in the garden, this combination extends its benefits to the pepper plant.

#8. Nasturtiums:

Nasturtiums are often used in companion planting because they benefit veggies such as cucumbers by keeping beetles away. 

However, nasturtium wards off pests that affect the garlic plant.

What this means is that when planted alongside garlic, its strong natural pest-repellent odor wards off garlic pests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garlic Companion Plants.

What Are The Worst Plants To Plant Alongside Garlic?

Although garlic generally is beneficial to plants, some plants are not good to plant on a garlic farm. 

Some plants naturally do well when planted near one another, while on the other hand, some plants will compete (or cause harm) when planted near some plants.

There are some plants that when planted close to a garlic plant or on a garlic farm can result in a smaller yield or unhealthy harvest. 

Whatever you do, never plant garlic near the following:

  • Peas
  • Sage
  • Parsley
  • Asparagus
  • Sunflowers
  • Beans (Pole Beans especially)

Does Garlic Attract Pollinators?

Yes Among the many benefits of planting garlic whether as companion plants or not is its ability to attract helpful pollinators as well as deter pests.

Is Garlic Helpful To All Plants?

No, garlic does not benefit all plants.

By nature, garlic is fungicidal, which can affect some plants.

Some plants benefit from being planted near garlic, while others help garlic thrive in turn.


Garlic as a companion plant is highly beneficial.

It saves farmers the stress of using pesticides and many other artificial chemicals that may in turn harm the plants.

We hope you have found insight from this piece.

What do you love about garlic plants? Please leave a comment in the comment section below!!!


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