How To Stop Grass From Growing Fast (5 practical steps)


How To Stop Grass From Growing Fast: Are you one of those who stare at the lawn and wonder how the grass grew so tall?

Are you one of those who never have time to attend to your lawn due to official duties or just any other engagements?

Or let’s say you’re among the category that does not want to bother anymore about mowing. 

In fact, at this point, you’re about to get rid of your lawnmower!!!

Wait, what if I told you that there is a solution to getting this problem solved.

Everyone enjoys a lush, beautiful green lawn until it is time to mow! 

And having a grass variety that grows very fast is no advantage at all because it would require a lot of time for maintenance.

And when you do not mow, it gives you an overall not so pleasant look because lawns are beautiful only because the grasses are short.

To maintain this lush outlook, you would need to understand how to stop grass from growing fast.

In this guide, I have helped you put together methods that will stop your lawn grass from growing fast.

If you let me, I have also included some of the slow-growing grasses that you plant and save yourself some mowing slack.

And just in case you don’t want to mow at all, I have talked about a method that sees to it that you never have to mow.

Are you ready?


Why Do You Need Grasses That Do Not Grow Fast?

Who loves mowing?

I don’t and I bet not many people do.

Grasses add beauty and colour to the environment. And as a plant, it releases oxygen in the environment which is a plus to humans.

However, the ability to find a balance between the benefits of mowing as well as keeping the living environment from becoming a forest is the essence of this post.

We are living in a fast-paced generation that somehow Saturdays or weekends are no longer enough to do other chores or activities, not to mention lawn mowing.

This, therefore, births the need for growing grasses that do not grow fast or adopting any of the methods we will share that prevent grasses from growing quickly.

Here are some reasons why you need to grow grasses that do not grow fast;

  • It saves you the stress of mowing regularly. Grasses like Fescues require you to mow it only four times in a year.
  • Also, it saves you the money you spend in paying lawn mowers just in case you don’t want to do it yourself.
  • Grasses that do not grow fast saves you the energy directed into pushing the lawn mower and getting this job done.
  • It’s ideal for old lads who no longer have the strength to keep the grass leveled.
  • Lastly, the body pains encountered while mowing are solved because you don’t have to experience it.

Types of Grass That Do Not Grow Quickly.

Salvaging the situation of fast-growing grasses is a concern to many lawn owners. 

Like I earlier stated, we are living in a fast-paced generation that somehow Saturdays or weekends are no longer enough to do other chores or activities, not to mention lawn mowing.

One of the ways to prevent grass from growing fast as we would discuss is the method of planting slow-growing grasses.

Some grasses naturally grow more slowly than others, so replacing your current grass with these varieties can drastically reduce mowing frequency. 

Below is a list of slow-growing grasses;

  • Fescues
  • Zoysia
  • Buffalo grass
  • Clover. 

All you have to do is replace the grass on your lawn with these varieties.

Let’s go into more detail.

#1. Fescues (Festuca longifolia)

Fescues are slow-growing grass that requires you to mow it only four times a year.

This grass has varieties such as the 

  • Hard fescue (Festuca longifolia)
  • Chewings fescue (Festuca rubra var. commutata)
  • Creeping red fescue (Festuca rubra var. rubra)

Fescues thrive in plant hardiness zones 2 through 7 and are best grown in a Mediterranean climate. 

#2. Zoysia

Zoysia is another grass in the slow-growing grass list. 

It is very tolerant of drought and withstands heavy traffic. 

#3. Buffalo grass 

The next slow-growing grass you can plant to prevent your lawn from growing fast is the buffalo grass.

You can replace the grass in your lawn with the buffalo grass and save yourself the stress of mowing regularly because buffalo grass grows slowly.

#4. Clover (Trifolium repens)

Clover (Trifolium repens) is another grass that grows at a slow rate and can be grown in USDA zones 3 to 10. 

The grass-clover does not grow tall and can be fit for lawn grass.

Clover grass is considered a green alternative that doesn’t grow as tall.

While adopting a natural way to prevent grass from growing quickly in your lawn, the above-mentioned grasses are a good place to start.


How Do I Stop Grass from Growing Fast in My Lawn? 

Maintaining a low carpet level grass lawn or field saves you a lot of stress as we have already stated.

This need initiated the act of learning the process of stopping lawn grasses from growing quickly.

There are many steps you can adopt to save yourself the stress of mowing every week.

All you have to do is follow the ideas we have shared that will prevent your lawn of field grasses from growing so fast.

To avoid these stressful situations, here’s what to do to prevent grass from growing very fast.

#1. Plant Slow-Growing Grass

One of the most assured ways of preventing grasses from growing quickly is to plant grasses that naturally do not grow fast.

Are there grasses that do not grow fast?

Yes, there are grasses that by nature grow slower than the others. As we earlier listed above, these grasses give you the luscious lawn you desire and yet saves you the mowing stress for weeks.

Also, grasses that grow slower are quite tolerant of drought and harsh weather conditions.

Therefore, planting such grasses will drastically reduce the amount of money, time, and energy you would spend on intervals mowing your lawn.  

#2. Use Plant Growth Inhibitors

If the slow-growing grasses are out of reach in your region, that’s not the end of the world.

There are other ways to prevent lawn grass from growing fast. One of which is to use plant growth inhibitors.

What are plant growth inhibitors?

Literally, like the name says plant growth inhibitors inhibit the growth of plants which in this case is your lawn grass.

Plant growth inhibitors are chemicals that are used to chemically slow down the growth rate of lawn grass by up to 50 per cent.

Usually, there are many types and product models of plant growth inhibitors. You can get them at hardware stores as plant growth regulators (PGRs). 

When you’re going to purchase plant growth regulators, ensure you seek after the Type 1 regulator. 


Plants easily absorb Type 1 plant growth regulators through their leaves. Also, Type 1 plant growth regulators slow down the rate of plant growth by retarding cell division.

Type II pLant growth regulators are not a good idea because plants absorb these chemicals through the root and it works very slowly. 

If you’re looking for how to stop grass from growing as quickly as possible, you would want something that can yield fast results.

That’s why Type 1 regulators are best recommended.

Content of Type 1 regulators

Type 1 regulators are chemicals.

The type of chemicals used to make these growth regulators are chemicals such as chlorflurenol, maleic hydrazide, and mefluidide. 

In the use of Type 1 regulators, do not use Type 1 regulators that are herbicides. Using this model product of Type 1 regulators will cause more harm than slowing down the growth rate of recipient grasses.

How Do I Apply Plant Growth Regulators To Stop Grass From Growing Fast?

Plant growth regulators are best applied by spraying them onto your lawn. Although it takes time to accomplish, it requires thoroughness. 

Spraying Type 1 regulators thoroughly will ensure that you do not miss any grass, as any grass missed will grow as tall as it should be within its growth rate. 

When Do I Apply Plant Growth Regulators To Stop Grass From Growing Fast?

Do not spray Plant growth inhibitors or regulators on windy days.

While doing that, keep children and pets away from the grass even after spraying.

Using plant growth inhibitors is one way to stop your grass lawn from growing fast or quickly.

#3. Withhold Care and Attention

It is often said that what you no longer want to grow, starve it of care and attention.

That is so true and applies even to grasses.

One of the most natural ways to stop or prevent your grass from growing quickly is to starve it with care and attention.

How do you do that?

Reduce the Amount of Water And Good.

Grasses or plants entirely flourishes due to adequate sunlight, compost, fertilizer, water and good soil. (See How To Prepare The Soil For Planting Vegetables)

If you need to stop your grass from growing fast, you need to reduce the amount of these controllable factors such as water and fertilizer.

When plants are provided or supplied with water and fertilizer, they grow speedily.

And when they grow speedily, you know regularly. 

Grass that has a constant supply of water and fertilizer will mean it would require more mowing time and more maintenance.

Therefore, to discourage speedy growth, withhold fertilizer and water application.

This allows the grass to grow at its own pace instead of promoting a faster growth rate.

However, if you must apply fertilizer, use a little quantity of fertilizer or a slow-release fertilizer. This would ensure that the grass grows at a very slow pace.

#4. Reset Your Lawn Mower

Another way to stop your grass from growing fast is to use the lawnmower technique: reset it.

How do I do that?

Reset your lawn mower by raising its setting. 

This ensures that the lawn mower cuts off only a little portion of the grass. 

How does this slow down grass growth?

Grasses that are cut slightly taller have a high tendency of growing back at a slower rate.

When you know it all up, they flourish and grow faster than they usually grow.

Cutting off a little portion of the grass during mowing causes fewer traumas to the grass.

Therefore, they are not traumatized to quickly act to repair the damages inflicted on it; thus, it grows at a slower rate.

Applying this lawnmower technique is one way to prevent grass from growing quickly.

#5. Use Artificial Turfs

What are artificial turfs?

Simply put, artificial turfs are fake grass. 

Why stress to mow when you have mowed grass all year round without thoughts of mowing ever crossing your mind?

Your lawn must not be natural. That’s where artificial turfs come into play.

These artificial turfs are artificial yet it serves their purpose at a less stressful cost. 

Artificial turf grasses are available in different shades of green and with varying degrees of softness. 

Somehow, they appear more realistic than they used to. It’s literally hard to tell the difference between a natural lawn and an artificial one.

Using artificial turfs is one way to say NO MORE MOWING EVER!

However, the use of artificial turfs can only be acceptable in neighbourhoods with no strict homeowner’s association.

Besides that, if you do not want to go through the entire process of natural lawn maintenance, artificial turfs are a great way to stop grass from growing fast, in this case, they will never grow.


Stopping grass from growing fast can be achieved through any of the means we have shared above. 

However, one of the most reliable ways we recommend is by planting slow-growing grass.

For old people, artificial turfs are the best as long as the homeowners association allows it.


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