Equipment Needed For Snail Farming in [2021]

Equipment Needed For snail Farming
Equipment Needed For snail Farming

The equipment needed for snail farming are not much, neither are they too expensive to get.

Basically, all snails need is a moist area that is shady. While for you, you just need a cage to keep the snails for strolling away.

order generic accutane Agro4africa discusses agriculture with the intent that our readers consume the information to become commercial farmers.

So, this article will outline all the materials needed for snail farming.

Some of the materials overlap with the requirements for subsistent snail farming and for Bishoftu pet snails.

If you have not done so already, you should read  Bry-sur-Marne How to Start Snail Farming Business before starting your snail farming business. 

This will guide you step by step on how to successfully run a commercial snail farm.

Now, let’s dive in!

Equipment Needed For Snail Farming

For ease and proper management of your snail farm, use the following equipment

They include the following:

1. Water tanks Snails need water every now and then, so you need to always have water available in your snail farm.

Keeping a large water tank on your farm will ensure that you always have provision for water.

2. Wheelbarrow

With a wheelbarrow, you can comfortably move large quantities of snail at harvest.

You can also use a wheelbarrow to move larger quantities of soil to the farm site.

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Another important use of wheelbarrow is for moving the snail feed from one snail cage to another.

Especially when the farm is too large to be carrying heavy loads around.

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3. Small weighing scale

A weighing scale is a measuring instrument for taking a measurement of the weight of snails.

There are analogue measuring scale and more recently the digital weighing scale.

I prefer the digital weighing scale because it gives a more accurate measurement of the weight of snails in grams.

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4. Watering can

Snails like their environment to be moist at all time, so you need to always moisten the snail farm.

A watering can is a snail farming equipment you can use to spray water in your snail pens.

5. Shovel and Rake

You need a shovel in your snail farm for moving loam soil into the snail pen and for changing the soil in the snail housing.

Shovels come in handy for digging and moving dirt in a free-range snail farm.

The rake is used for cleaning the surrounding of your snail farm.

It can also use it to turn the soil in the snail pen when searching for eggs under the soil.

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6. Hand Trowel

When you want to dig small holes or mix snail feed, you can use a trowel.

Another time when a trowel comes into work in snail farming is when you are incubating your snail eggs

You use the trowel to move soil to cover the eggs slightly for so that they can hatch.

7. Water and feeding troughs

When serving snails crushed foods like calcium, use a feeding trough to put the food so that it does not become moist in the already damp soil.

You can also use a plate with shallow depth to serve as a feeding or water trough for snails.

The water trough serves as a provision for the snails to drink and bath. Just make sure the water trough for snail is not too deep so that they don’t drown in it.

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8. Hoe and Cutlass.

A hoe is used for digging in and around the snail farm. You can use a hoe to dig the floor of your snail pen when searching for snail eggs.

Both hoes and cutlasses are very useful for weeding the environment of the snail farm to maintain hygiene.

9. Plastic buckets.

Plastic buckets are used for carrying water and snail food around the snail farm.

You can also use it to carry snails around when you are sorting your snail pens.

10. Plastic Spoons and Plastic Plates (with lid)

To increase the hatchability of snail eggs, do not pick the eggs with your hand.

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A plastic spoon becomes very important at this time of your snail farming journey.

After picking the eggs, you can put them in a plastic plate containing a soil mixture suitable for hatching the eggs and then cover the lid.

11. Hand Sprayer and Water Hose

The essence of the hand sprayer is for pest management while the what hose serves as a means of spraying water round a very large snail farm.

To use the water hose, you can attach a shower cap at one end of the hose while the other end is connected to a tap.

This type of construction makes it easy for you to spray water in the entire snail farm without having to carry heavy buckets of water and watering can.

Here we have it. Complete 11 necessary equipment for snail farming business.

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