Types of Land Snails For Snail Farming

benefits of snail farming business

What are the types of land snails best for snail farming?

If you’re asking the above question, chances are that you’re in either of these categories;

  • You’re a snail farmer frustrated at the performance of the snails in the farm.
  • Or you just made a decision to go into snail farming but you don’t have an idea of what snail type is best for a start.
  • On the other hand, you might just be on the lookout for possible inputs to skyrocket your snail business to the next level.

Whichever category you find yourself in, this piece is your last bus stop.

In this article, we have carefully listed and illustrated the best types of snails to raise for snail heliciculture.

Also, we have outlined the best steps to take to raise your snails for high productivity.

With that being said, if you want to have a profitable snail farm, carefully read this piece, solve the puzzle and increase your profits.

Are you confused about which snail is ideal for heliciculture?

Find out more below!!!

What you need to know about snails?

While growing up I thought all snails are all the same.

But with time I started seeing snails with differing shell colours.

Does that mean snails come in different species?

Absolutely !!!

Just before we come to terms with the best snail species for snail farming, here’s what you need to know about snails.

1. Snails have species

First, let me clear the false belief you’ve had over the years, all snails are not the same.

Snails come in different sizes, species and types.

2. The species of a snail determines its egg-laying ability.

Maybe just maybe, your snails are not laying eggs as and when due because by nature they are not egg-cellent layers.

The egg-laying ability of a snail can be traced to its species.

Some species have a low point of lay while others are very good layers.

3. Some snails can grow to very large sizes.

Some snail farmers are usually on the lookout for snails that are very large.

Large snails are good for the business.

Keep in mind that not all snails can grow to large sizes.

Some remain very small in size even when they hit maturity.

However, some snail species can grow very large weighing up to 500g with a length of 20cm.

4. Some snails are more nutritious than the others.

I bet you had no idea.

Some land animal types taste a whole lot better and are more nutritious than others.

While some are nutritious, other species can be really poisonous. 

However, poisonous snails are very rare in Africa.

5. Not all snail types are good for heliciculture.

Literally, not all land snail types are good to be raised.

Because not all snails are ideal for snail farming, this article leads you to the best species for profitable farming.

6. Snails are bio-accumulators

What’s that?

Simply put, snails give out what they take in.

If you raise your snails in a toxic environment, it will affect their productivity and nutritional value.

And this in turn will affect your business.


Factors that Affect the Growth of Snails 

Before we launch into the types of land snails you need to raise to have a profitable farm, you need to know that your snails will do well only if they are groomed well.

Simply put, your snails will do well depending on certain factors.

We have categorized these factors under three major headings to help you have a better understanding.

The factors that affect the growth of snails include;

1. Type of Feeding

Food being an essential part of growth is crucial when it comes to snail farming.

The type of feed will determine how well and big your snails grow.

You have to feed your snail the right way.

Most snails are vegetarian and accept any type of feed. 

Basically, they prefer cabbage, flowers, tubers, fruits and green leaves as their food. 

And yes, they need drinking water too.

2. How you house your snail will determine their growth

Maybe you have no clue, not housing your snail properly can inhibit their growth.

Some of the best housing systems for snails are outdoor pens, in buildings with a controlled climate, in closed systems such as plastic tunnel houses or “greenhouses.

3. The snail specie can affect their growth

Because some species of snails grow better than others, hence the essence of this article.

Most people grew up believing that all snails are one and the same.

Well, that’s absolutely false.

From the text above, you can see that the species of snail has everything to do with their productivity.

So yes, regardless of how you feed your snails, the species of the snail will determine how well they will grow. 

What are the best types of land snails for snail farming?

There are three types of land snails ideal for profitable snail farming.

Below, you will find the features that made them such a delight to snail farmers.

The best types of land snails for snail farming include;

  • Achatina Achatina
  • Archachatina Marginata

1. Achatina Achatina:


Origin: Not specified

Weight and length: 250g with a length of 30cm 

Length of life: 10 years (if properly cared for.)

Other names: African giant tiger land snail. 

Another species of land snail you can raise to make a profit is the Achatina Achatina.

Aside from its length and fleshly body, many prefer to raise the Achatina Achatina because of its high egg production rate.

In fact the Achatina Achatina lays more eggs than the Archachatina Marginata.

How do I Identify an Achatina Achatina?

Because all snails look the same, identifying an. Achatina Achatina can be quite a task.

However, with the right tips, you can spot them out in the twinkle of an eye.

Here are the characteristics to identify the Achatina Achatina types of land snails;

  • The shell tip of the Achatina Achatina breed is fairly pointed.
  • Also, you can spot them by their shell colour. The entire shell of an Achatina Achatina is brownish stripped.
  • Furthermore, this land snail’s shell is 18cm long with an average diameter of 9cm.
  • Unlike most snails, the body of the Achatina Achatinas are silver brown in colour.

Why is Achatina Achatina one of the best types of land snails to raise?

The Achatina Achatina breed of land snails is ideal for the keep because; 

  • They have a high egg-laying ability.
  • Although the Achatina Achatinas are picky eaters, if fed well they add a lot of weight but are not bigger than the Archachatina Marginata.
  • Also, the Achatina Achatina snail breeds are nutritious and make good sales in the market.

2. Archachatina Marginata


Origin: African rainforest

Weight and length: 500g with a length of 20cm 

Length of life: 10 years (if properly cared for.)

Other names: Giant African land snail or Banana rasp snail 

Subspecies: Archachatina Marginata var. Ovum, Archachatina Marginata var. Eduardi, Archachatina Marginata var. Suturalis etc

The Archachatina Marginata is the largest land snail in West Africa.

This land snail is raised by most farmers because of its high nutritional content.

In fact, it’s one of the top delicacies in Nigeria.

Besides its high nutritional value, this land snail’s byproducts are valuable.

Also, the Archachatina Marginata is one of the best land snail types for heliciculture in Nigeria.

Among the subspecies of the Archachatina marginata, the Ovum variety and the Suturalis variety are more commercially viable species.

How do I Identify an Archachatina Marginata?

These features will easily help you identify an Archachatina Marginata;

  • The head of an Archachatina Marginata is darker than the rest of its body.
  • Also, it’s shell top is less pointed than other land snail types. It’s shell can grow up to 21cm in height and 13cm in diameter. 
  • Furthermore, the tail of this land snail is V-shaped.
  • Also, the skin of the Archachatina is finely textured.
  • In addition, if you see a snail that has an outer lip that is blueish-white in colour, it’s an Archachatina Marginata.

Why is Archachatina Marginata one of the best land snails to raise?

When we consider the types of land snails to raise, the Archachatina Marginata is best because of Feb following reasons;

  • The Archachatina Marginata grows faster within a short time.
  • Also, the Archachatina commences viable egg production when it reaches a live weight of 100-125g. (This can be fast tracked with special feeds).
  • Another reason why the Archachatina Marginata is ideal for snail farming is its large flesh size. 
  • Furthermore, this species of land snails lay large eggs.
  • Raising the Archachatina Marginata species wouldn’t be a task because they have a high adaptability rate. 

With this, you see why the Archachatina Marginata is one of the types of land snails best for heliciculture.

What this also means is that under good growing conditions, your snails will grow well and that means more profit for you.

All you need is the right feed and a well-structured housing system.

Frequently asked questions about the best types of land snails to raise.

Where do I get snails for snail farming?

If you’re starting a snail farming business, we strongly recommend you get your snails from a trusted source.

With this, you can be sure of their egg-laying ability when they will start to lay and the best feed combination to feed them.

What are the best types of land snails for heliciculture?

The best types of snails to raise are 

  • Achatina Fulica
  • Achatina Achatina
  • Archachatina Marginata

How many times do snails lay eggs in a year?

If all conditions are optimal, snails can reproduce as many times as possible in a month. 

However, some specific types of land snails will lay more than the others.

Garden snails have 5 reproductive cycles laying about 86 eggs each.

This amounts to about 430 eggs in a year.

What can land snails eat?

Like earlier stated, land snails are not picky eaters except for the Achatina Achatina.

The following foods are ideal and safe for land snails:

  • Seeds
  • Fruits.
  • Veggies
  • Cooked grains

What is the largest land snail?

The largest land snail is the African giant snail from the Achatina achatina breed.

It weighed 900g with a shell length of 27.3 cm.

How many months does it take for a snail to mature? 

All things being equal, sexual maturity for snails takes about 6 to 16 months.

How long does a snail live?

The average lifespan of a snail is about 5 or 6 years.

However, just like the chicken lifespan can be altered by care, some snails can live up to 10 years if properly cared for.

What makes snails grow faster?

Land snails of all types grow faster when they feed on carbohydrates and protein.

Also, to supplement their diet you can add vitamins, minerals and calcium for shell development.


Snail farming is more profitable if you raise a good snail species. 

Ideally, if you want to increase the profitability of your snail farming business, first you have to select the best types of land snails.

Are you a snail farmer?

Let’s hear what you have to say about these snail species and their productivity.


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