Top 15 White Chicken Breeds [With Pictures and FAQs]


Basically, most farmers choose their chickens based on their level of productivity.

Nevertheless, some others choose based on aesthetic purposes such as color.

Whether you want to use your chickens for commercial, ornamental purposes, or as pets, you will always find a variety of chicken breeds with different colors.

These colors range from black, blue, white, red, lavender, brown, silver, etc.

However, in this article, we will only learn about white chicken breeds.

If you would love to rare this breed, then here is a list of white chicken breeds you can choose from.

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List of white chicken breeds.

Below is a list of 15 amazing white chicken breeds you will love to know.

Here we have carefully put together characteristic features that will interest you.

All you need to do is to sit tight and enjoy your reading.

Our list of white chicken Breeds includes;

  1. White Leghorn
  2. Rhode Island White Chicken
  3. California Chicken
  4. Yokohama Chickens
  5. Sultan Chicken
  6. Bresse
  7. White Ameraucana
  8. White Giant Jersey
  9. Asil chicken 
  10. White Wyandotte
  11. White Rock 
  12. The White Faverolles
  13. White Silkie
  14. White Orpington
  15. Araucana

#1.  White Leghorn

white leghorn chicken

This chicken breed is well known for its classy white appearance.

With an all-white plumage and bright red comb and rattles, they are such a beauty to behold.

Indeed the White Leghorn is a true definition of a white chicken breed.

Its tails are held a little bit higher showing off it pure white feathers.

In addition to its beauty, this chicken is an amazing egg layer.

They lay approximately 280-320 large white eggs in a year.

Furthermore, this chicken breed is very active and smart.

They love to forage a lot.

As good foragers, finding their own food isn’t a difficult task.

Therefore, this makes them an ideal breed for a low-budget poultry farmer.

Nevertheless, they do pretty well in confinement too, when there’s enough room to roam.

The rooster weighs about 7.5lbs while the hen weighs about 5.5lbs

#2. Rhode Island White Chicken

white Rhode Island chicken

This chicken is another nice white chicken breed to rear on your backyard farm.

It came into existence through crossing three chickens Wyandotte, Cochin, and White Leghorn.

Although the Rhode Island White Chicken look like the Rhode Island Red they are completely different breeds.

The roosters weigh about 8.5lbs and the hens 6.5lbs.

Interestingly they are excellent egg layers and they make good meat too.

This breed can lay up to 4 to 5 large brown eggs in a week.

Furthermore, even in winter, they are exceptional egg layers.

These amazing birds are also quite hardy, adjusting to different temperatures.

Sadly over the years, these pretty birds have become extremely rare.

#3. California Chicken

The California Chicken is the third white chicken breed on our list.

They are majorly bred for commercial egg production.

Averagely they can lay up to 300 white large eggs in a year.

This makes farmers love them more.

They are also hardy birds and do well in both cold and hot temperatures.

These birds are fun and can make great pets for backyard poultry.

In addition, they grow quickly and also do well in confinement.

The roosters weigh about 6lbs while the hens weigh about 5lbs.

#4. Yokohama Chickens

Yokohama chicken sitting on a wood

Originating from Germany, this chicken breed is as unique as its name sounds.

Usually, they are a small breed with a classy long tail.

Also, they are popular for their feet, legs, yellow beaks, and pea-shaped Combs.

These chickens are also beautified with orange to red-colored eyes.

Hence with all these outstanding features, they are bred mainly for show. 

However, this doesn’t mean they don’t produce eggs.

Their hens lay about 80 small eggs in a year.

These eggs are usually white or cream in color.

Nevertheless, despite the low output, these eggs fetch good prices for their owners.

In addition to being classy, these birds are friendly and docile.

Therefore they make great family pets for both children and adults.

#5. Sultan Chicken

A white Sultan Chicken

This white chicken breed originated in Turkey. 

Interestingly, they were popularly raised as pets in gardens by royals in Turkey.

Nevertheless, Sultan Chickens are seen as one of the oldest chicken breeds in America.

They are mostly raised for ornamental purposes. 

These birds are quite small in size, they weigh about 4-5lbs.

However, they are made up of beards, muffs, v-shaped comb, and five-toed feathered feet.

You may consider raising these beautiful white chicken breeds as backyard pets.

#6. Bresse

White Bresse

The Bresse chicken is a medium-sized dual-purpose breed.

Its full name is Bresse de Bény, the white variety of Breese Gauloise.

Amazingly this white variety is the most common variety found in the UK.

However, the Breese breed is quite rare.

Nevertheless, they grow quite fast and lay about 4 white eggs in a week.

The meat of Breese Gauloise has a unique and amazing taste.

Its rooster weighs about 5.5-6.6lbs while the hens weigh about 4.4-5.5lbs.

#7. White Ameraucana

These chickens are fluffy birds with a hawk-like appearance.

This appearance makes them appear quite intimidating.  

A great dual-purpose breed with red pea Combs and wattles.

They are excellent egg layers and can produce about 180-200 eggs in a year.

The egg color comes within the white and blue spectrum.

However, blue-colored eggs have become more common in the market.

This particular white chicken breed is a good one for commercial business.

Therefore if you are looking for chicken for market purposes you should consider the white Ameraucana.

#8. White Jersey Giant.

The white Jersey Giant is one of the largest chicken breeds in the world.

Amazingly they can weigh up to 8-13lbs.

With their size, one may think they are bullies.

However, though they are quite large in size they are still very friendly and calm.

In addition, they have great egg-laying capacity.

This breed lays about 240 large eggs in a year.

Furthermore, you will definitely love the large chunks of meat on your table.

If you want to see other giant chickens like the Jersey Giants, check out these 17 Largest Chicken Breeds in the World (With Pictures)

#9. Asil Chicken

Have you ever heard about a chicken raised just for the purpose of cockfighting?

I know it sounds weird, right?

However, allow me to introduce you to the Asil chicken.

Interestingly, the Asil Chicken is an old Indian chicken breed originally bred for cockfighting.

However, in recent times they are kept mostly for ornamental purposes.

These chickens are made up of a broad and beautiful chest and a robust physique.

Nevertheless, they can be quite friendly.

However, if you don’t want a fight then ensure you keep them away from other roosters.

A typical Asil rooster weighs about 4-4.5lbs while their hens weigh about 3.5-3.75lbs.

Basically, the hens are not excellent egg layers.

But they occasionally lay a few light brown eggs in a year.

#10. White Wyandotte

white wyandotte

The Wyandotte chicken breed is known for its good quality meat.

Nevertheless, it is a dual-purpose breed and can lay up to 200 eggs in a year.

The white chicken breeds are calm and friendly.

They are adorned with lovely snow-white plumage.

Furthermore, they have a bright red wattle, yellow skin and legs, and a rose comb.

These beautiful breeds grow quite fast and are cold-hardy.

The roosters weigh about 8-lbs while the hens weigh 6-7lbs.

Lastly, these birds do not go broody often.

Therefore if you are looking for a really broody bird, then I’ll advise you to look elsewhere.

Here is a full article about Wyandotte Chicken Breeds: Wyandotte Chicken – Characteristics, Origin, Breed Info and Lifespan

#11. White Rock

Another elegant white chicken breed is White Rock Chicken.

These chickens have an undercoat of white fluffy feathering that makes them cold and hardy.

Furthermore, they are really friendly and lovable.

Adding them to your flock at a very tender age makes them grow fond of you.

Normally White Rocks have yellow Combs.

However, the combs slowly turn red with age.

In addition, this color change also indicates that they are about to start laying eggs.

A White Rock hen can lay up to five brown eggs in a week.

You can read this article about Plymouth Rock Chickens to learn more about their characteristics and features.

#12. White Faverolles


The Faverolles chicken is friendly,

calm, and gentle in nature.

They were originally developed as a utility fowl in two villages in North-Central France.

Its rooster weighs about 8lbs while the hens weigh about 6.5lbs.

Although these birds were initially bred for meat production, they have become an awesome dual-purpose breed today.

You can expect a Faverolle hen to lay about 200 eggs in a year.

The color of the eggs ranges from brown to pinkish.

Apart from being a dual-purpose breed, these white chicken breeds are also raised for exhibition and novelty.

Because of its broody nature, you can easily trust the Faverolle hen to make a great mother.

#13. White Silkie

white silkie chicken

The unique appearance of the silkie chicken truly justifies its name.

These amazing white chicken breeds are covered with silky fur-like plumage.

This sets them apart from other chicken breeds.

Surely, you can hardly see a Silkie chicken and not tell.

Indeed silkies are a beauty to behold, with light blue earlobes and black eyes.

Furthermore, it has a walnut-shaped red comb that is usually shielded by its crested pom-pom.

Despite their outward appearance, silkies have black skin, muscles, and bones.

These chickens can lay up to 2-3 cream to tinted eggs in a week.

#14. White Orpington

a white orpington

Another beautiful white chicken breed is the White Orpington chicken.

Not only are these birds large, but they are also calm and gentle.

Furthermore, they make great table birds.

They get broody quite often, therefore if you want more chicks you can opt for Orpingtons.

The Orpington chicken does not love to forage.

Instead, they prefer being pampered and taken care of.

Nevertheless, these chickens can lay about 4-5 light brown eggs in a week.

If you love large broody chickens with pure white plumage then you just found one.

#15. Araucana

One other unique white chicken breed is the Araucana chicken.

These chickens are distinguished by their outstanding ear tufts.

They also come in other color varieties.

Nevertheless, the white Araucanas are the most attractive.

Amazingly these white chicken breeds lay 3 or more blue eggs in a week.

In addition, one way to recognize these chicken breeds is through their lack of tails.

This feature really makes them outstanding and unique.

Even though this may seem like impairment and look very unusual, it doesn’t affect their quality of life.

Furthermore, certain strains of Araucana can be quite nervous and flighty.

Nevertheless, most of them are really friendly and get along with children.


If you carefully read to this point, a big thumbs up to you.

Truly, you can see from our list of white chicken breeds that these chickens are lovable.

Therefore if you want to raise white chicken breeds, the chickens on our list are up for selection.

Nevertheless, you need to ensure you take good care of them.

Make sure to keep their environments clean so that their beautiful white color won’t be affected by dirt.

We hope this article helps you to make a great choice.

If this post was beneficial to you, then you then kindly let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions About White Chicken Breeds

  1. Do white chicken breeds have white skin? 

    Not all white chicken breeds have white skin.
    Some have pinkish to yellowish skins underneath their white plumage.
    While some like the silkie chicken have black skin beneath their white appearance.
    Basically, the skin color of white chickens varies based on their breeds.

  2. Can white chickens lay only white eggs?

    From the attributes of the white chickens in this article, we can see that white chickens lay a variety of eggs.
    However just as the eggs come in different sizes they also have different colors.
    The color of these eggs ranges from white to light cream, brown, pinkish, etc, depending on the particular chicken.
    Nevertheless, be rest assured that white chickens definitely lay white eggs but not all.

  3. What are White Chickens Good For?

    Different white chickens are good for different purposes.
    The white Leghorn are excellent egg layers and their productivity level is top-notch.
    However other breeds such as the Sultan and Asil chicken are raised for ornamental purposes.
    Furthermore, some are raised for both meat and eggs, while some are raised for only eggs.


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